Lions of Harlech -early history

Lions of Harlech

Astropath-Terminus Corey 
Chapter Master Annwyn Piet Moriarty
Master Scrivener Kushial
Historical Overview of Chapter Events
Segmentum Obscurus
Calixis Scintillian Sub
No one ever won a battle by failing to take advantage of his enemy's weakness..

The Lions of Harlech were founded in M32 from the Imperial Fists' gene seed as a fleet based chapter to help rebuild the defenses around the Eye of Terror after the 3rd Black Crusade. They and other chapters lead numerous scouting missions into the Eye as well as sought to intercept and destroy any excursions from the Eye. Working with these other chapters as well as the other forces in position around the Eye, the Lions quickly established a reputation of honorable service.

Their first Chapter Master, Hemry Coatesworth, was killed fighting one of these incursions due to a devious trap laid by warriors of the Alpha Legion in the Denbolla System. As his Strike Cruiser, the Noble Cause, closed with a renegade ship to board and cleanse it, the trap was sprung. The target vessel suddenly exploded crippling the Noble Cause and enabling Alpha Legion warriors to board and kill the remaining crew. Nearby chapter vessels intervened and just managed to save the remains of their Chapter Master from being taken back into the Eye as a trophy. Due to their own strict codes of honor as well as the devious tactics of their foes, the Lions of Harlech forever more view the Alpha Legion as their most sworn enemy and would expend any resources to foil and disrupt any plot they uncover.

In mid M33, the Lions of Harlech intercept a Dark Eldar cruiser in the Deimos System. Using some of the information gleaned from prisoners on board, the Chapter tracked down the raiders to the asteroid belts of the Corriador System. A month long running battle ensues with the Lions finally driving the Dark Eldar from the system bringing it back into the Imperium's hold.

Following the Howling in 401.M34, the chapter, under it's Second Chapter Master, Vicarion Doucain, was then assigned to crusade along the eastern fringe of the Imperium along the arc behind the Ghoul Stars. The crusade proceeded well at first, spending decades liberating dozens of worlds and scouring other planets barren of their threats to the Imperium. Several Chaos warbands were destroyed during this time period, most notably an Alpha Legion contingent operating in the Delcius System seeking to undermind the planetary governor.

This action lead to the death of the Chapter's 4th Chapter Master in 204.M35. Euron Dhamphair and a bodyguard cadre of troops landed on the planet of Belltris III to meet with what they thought was the ruling class of the loyal planet. Instead they walked into a trap laid by the Alpha Legion which saw all of them killed. The Lions assaulted the planet and eventually drove the enemies from the system but a new reason to hunt down the operations of the Alpha Legion and destroy them had been given.

In M36 the crusade slowly ground to a halt as replacement parts, munitions, and various other vital necessities ceased to arrive. Due to the Age of Apostasy and several new warp storms, the crusade had been forgotten, and replacements and supplies were no longer being sent by the Adeptus Administratum. Sworn to their duty, the Chapter continued to press onward in their crusade to liberate worlds for the Imperium and cleanse it's foes.

Arriving in the Cymru System early in M37 with their supplies of fuel, ammunition, men, and parts severely depleted, the Lions of Harlech found several inhabited ice worlds. Quickly asserting their authority over these lost bastions of humanity, the chapter began to disassemble some of its fleet to create factories to begin to supply itself and produce replacements. The chapter also began to recruit new initiates from among the ice worlds. The Lions of Harlech slowly replaced it's losses and began to improve the industrialization of the ice worlds. The remaining vessels were deployed as a system defense fleet against surrounding threats including orcs and eldar pirates.

Many years passed before the chapter was able to replenish what it had lost to attrition during the crusade in both material and new recruits drawn from the ice worlds. In late M38 when the chapter, under it's Eighth Chapter Master Colinn Firthain, was finally able to defend the system as well as several surrounding systems, they sent out a long range reconnaissance fleet of a pair of strike cruisers and escort squadrons. Establishing contact with a rouge trader fleet and then the Adeptus Mechanicus forge world Goedraen, the Lions of Harlech re-established itself with the Imperium.

After proving their continued loyalty and the stability of their geneseed, the Lions of Harlech were granted control of the Cymru system as their chapter home world in recognition of their perpetual faithful service. The Lions of Harlech then finished construction of their Fortress Monastery, expanding the main planetary defense fortress they had already established. The Llew Gyr, or Lion's Forge, was built as an imposing castle high atop a mountain at the end of a glacier covered valley. Forever covered in sleet, ice, and driving snow storms, the Lions of Harlech have come to believe that when sunlight falls upon Dreigiau Gyr that it is an omen of the fortress's imminent fall.

Since M38, the Lions of Harlech have begun to crusade once more, reaching out to systems and worlds around their system to deter and defeat the enemies of the Imperium. The Chapter's current chapter master, Annwn Piet Moriarty, was elevated to his position when his predecessor was killed in a mysterious explosion while inspecting an orbital facility of Cymru III. Evidence uncovered has lead the Lions to believe they are once more up against their most hated enemies, the Alpha Legion.


Chapter Symbol: Golden Rampant Lion on Dark Blue Field
Chapter Colors: Dark Blue and Silver
Chapter Motto: Victory with Honor



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