BattleTech and Wee Bit of Rogue Stars

So I'm working on cleaning up some of the mechs that had have piled up and don't have a current home.  My goal is to organize them into companies of different units I like, as well as can stand the color scheme of (I'm looking at you Orloff Grenadiers).  First up is a unit from the Donegal Guards.  This is one the core Lyran Commonwealth units and have a great tradition/flavor built into them with the ties to Ireland on Terra.
4th Donegal Guard Regiment
Colonel Seamus Killkinny

2nd Battalion
Major Claus Hemri 
3rd Company
Captain Jessica Eisenbach, Atlas
Lt. Tobin Hausmann, Zeus
2nd Lt. Sarah Mayhew, Zeus
2nd Lt. Vincent Conroy, Guillotine
1st Lance
Lt. Peter Fitzcairn, Battlemaster
Sonja McTavish, Thunderbolt
Joseph Hyde, Dragon
Stephen St. Jaimes, Dragon
2nd Lance
2nd Lt. Paul Kearns, Griffin
Karen Tierny, Cicada
James Bruce, Cidada
Sean Ceirdwyn, Commando
3rd Lance
2nd Lt. Andrew Fisher, Jaegermech
Emily Bancroft, Trebuchet
Reginald Beckett, Trebuchet
Paul O'Sullivan, Blackjack

It's a nice standard unit of pre=3025 mechs that shows plenty of salvage from clashes against Houses Kurita, Liao, and Marik.  It's fairly balanced as far as weight and throwing power and would do fairly well in a scrap I think.
I also added another model to my Rogue Stars pool of characters.  Every unit of marines needs that grizzled veteran sergeant so I give you Sergeant Major Phillip Fawkes.  I'm still working on a paint scheme idea for these guys so if any of you out there have a great idea, leave me a comment.

That's all for now and I'll see you all next time.

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