The Lulls

Well, been a bit of a lull here.  Work has hit a bit of a odd stretch so it's been a bit of an inspirational drag.  So not only haven't I gotten a game played in a while, I also haven't made any progress on the modelling front as well.  But I am on vacation starting when I get off of work Thursday evening and I have a couple short trips planned.  This should get me a reboot and we'll get cranking on some stuff again.
But all is not totally lost.  I have done a bit of work getting my Geek Shelf which is the top of my computer desk organized and all displayed out.  It's a pretty good homage to a large part of what I enjoy in the realm of geeking.  You'll find everything from Autobots to X-Wings, Adama to Vultan, Arcturan Guard to Victor (of the Doom pedigree) present including a freebie cup from the one GW Games Day I managed to attend and a signed shirt giveaway from a Twitch Channel I follow.
Also I've been playing around a bit with World of Warships.  I haven't been into my World of Tanks for a few years now but after watching a few Twitch streams of it, I wanted to try the Warships variety.  I'm still early on into having just unlocked a Level III German cruiser a few days ago.  It's the Kolberg-class that even though the game doesn't allow it, I have named the Adler.  Most of the games that I've played have been with my Level II Dresden-class cruiser that I am calling Lowe.

So that's it for now, just a short post but we'll be back into it post vacation I hope.  That's for the views and feel free to leave comments or links to pics of your own geek shelves in the replies.  See you all next time!


  1. Lulls are a bummer but vacations are always good for the soul. Hope this one is an especially one for you!

    The Space Wolves will be waiting when you return...

  2. This happens to everyone, especially during times where ya can't seem to get a game in.