Rogue Stars

So at the FLGS (well, friendly yes, not super Local anyway), Rogue Stars is starting to get to be fairly popular.  I played around with several themes and lists on paper only to discover my idea for each team was going to be super hard to represent in miniatures available or easily attainable.  So finally I just threw all my ideas out and started going through the miniatures I DID have and go for an idea based on that.  And it worked.  Culling through my small group of Imperial Guard (Yeah, I said it and not Adeptus Whatevericus), I pulled enough minis that I like to give a good pool of models to implement a force with some spares in case of character death or just the need to swap things on the list up occasionally.
Now the lists played so far are 2 Pirate Crews and a Star Cops unit so I knew I didn't want to do either of those.  What I did instead was a Mercenary crew based on the old English East India Tea Company.  Thus His Scottish Majesty's East Galactic Trade Company was born, enlisting Royal Scottish Marines as the muscle of the company.
This trading company, based in Inverness, Scotland, establishes trade routes and outposts of trade for Scottish space lines and merchants ... and they establish them one way or another.  The Royal Oak is an armed merchant cruiser with a trade representative aboard duly sanctioned by His Royal Scottish Majesty's government for actions ranging from trade negotiations to armed privateer actions.  A company of Royal Scottish Marines is also embarked for the protection of the vessel as well as EGTC interests.
L to R: McTavish, Forsythe, and Sharpe
Star Cruiser Royal Oak
Captain Richard Forsythe, Commanding officer
Commander Ian Sharpe, Executive Officer
Sir Conner MacTavish, EGCT Representative
L to R: Duncan, Hollister, and Fisher
3rd Company, 44th Battalion (Coldstream Guards), Royal Scottish Marine Corps
Captain Duncan Enwright, Commanding Officer
2nd Lt. Edmund Hollister, Communications Officer
2nd Lt. Dr. Andrew Fisher, Medical Officer
Corporal Victor Haig
Corporal Nathaniel Lockesly
Private Jacob Hearns
Private Lloyd Bancroft
Private Colin Holmes
Private James O'Donnell
Private Douglas Crowelly
Private Oliver MacGuire
Private Paul Yeats

Now the roster for a game has around 5 or 6 models in it, so as I said, plenty of extra models to play around with and some room to do a few other specialists to add to the unit as well.  I think the theme is fun enough as well to have some running adversarial relations with some of the other crews as well.  I should make it up there this coming Saturday and hopefully I'll get my first game of this in.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Shouldn't that be 'Astra Whatevercus?" lol, regardless I rather like that name...

    Just check with Hoss first, as we'll be "honeymooning' it for the next 2 game nights (and the week in between).