Relics and Honor Guard

The past few weeks I've been trading some models with Scott, one of the Johnson City crew at the FLGS, gaining some marine items and parting with some unused Orks and some Dark Angel bikers I'd got in a major eBay lot.  His Imperial Fist items that I got were nicely enough done up, that I had no desire to strip the paint from them.  Thus they have been re-purposed into the Lions of Harlech.

When the Lions of Harlech were founded, the Imperial Fists made sure that they received some chapter relics and equipment to ensure that the Lions started out well.  One of these was the Landraider Redeemer Faithful Purpose.  The Lions of Harlech carefully preserved this relic both to honor their progenitor chapter, the Imperial Fists, but to also as a statement of their intentions of honorable service.  When the Lions reconnected with the Imperium, one of the first emissaries they sent out was to the Imperial Fists.  It was a delegation from the Imperial Fists that helped establish that the Lions were still untainted from their long tenure apart.  Captain Shambliss of the Imperial Fists when he returned to his chapter spoke highly of the Lions and their still faithful care of the relics given to them by the Imperial Fists on the Lions' founding.  The Fists responded by sending an honor guard of two veteran squads to liaison with and work with the Lions in recognition of their faithful and honorable service.  Now the Faithful Purpose once more deploys for war representing both progenitor and successor.

The Faithful Purpose
Close up of some of the rituals detailed on the landraider
Another close up
One of the side sponsons
He did a nice effect on the glows highlighting different parts of the landraider
The two squads of Imperial Fists, his counts as Sternguard
Close up of the finished models
Close up of the veteran sgt leading the force
So that's the newest additions of the Forces of Cymru allied to the Lions of Harlech.  Hope you all enjoyed and I'll see you all next time.


  1. Yeah, I am jealous of his weathering techniques! He has some sweet models in his collection. The Ork Looted Knight he did recently was totally amazing!

  2. The weathering technique is quite simple actual Neverness, just used a sponge technique with a dark brown and then silver, and then a sepia wash over it to tie it all in ^^

  3. Ah, I will need to try that! Probably on some ork models...

  4. If there are any questions you have about it let me know man ^^\

  5. So Scott, did you change your yellows out? These seem more of a "mustard" color where some of the newer things I've seen in your collection are more of traditional Imperial Fists yellow (albeit with battle damage). Or am I just seeing things? LOL

  6. I did have a slight shift in my yellows, but the overall effect was smal after the sepia wash over them. Nice eye though ^^