Imperial Fleet Stand-ins

So I've wanted to build up my Battlefleet Gothic and get some of the Johnson City crew to get me going in playing this.  Unfortunately other than some marine vessels that I acquired some time ago, I'm a bit lopsided in ships.  My marines have a battlebarge, a strike cruiser and then about a dozen destroyers and frigates to escort them, which is hardly a balanced fleet much less one for table top play.  Also unfortunately BFG models are nigh on criminally priced on eBay which has stymied me on that front as well.  So I've decided to go the alternative model route with some modifications.

I've decided on the Sorylian line from Firestorm Armada.  I really like the overall look and feel of these models.  I've been able to pick a few of these up quite cheaply, especially considered against the available BFG models.  Since they won't match my marine ships, I'll be using them as Imperial Naval vessels, and so the Cymric Sub-Sector Battle Fleet under the command of Admiral Theodorius Childress has been born.  The medium Skyhammer-class cruiser that I got is just a bit shorter than my Battlebarge so I'll be using it as an Overlord-class Battlecruiser since the size seems a bit smaller than a Battleship would be.

The Sorylian Scythe-class Frigate was the other blister I got (and you get 6 in that pack) and it is the same size of the Strike Cruiser I have, so I'll be using them as regular Cruisers.  Right now I'll be using them as Lunar-class Cruisers as this seems to be a good all round class to start out with.  After I get the first 6 of these done, I might look into a second blister of these to use as a different class.

Once I get what I currently have all assembled and tweaked with bits to look more 40K, I'll look into getting the Frigate and Corvette set to use as destroyers and frigates.  Some of the box sets have a mix of ship sizes so I might end up going that route as well.  All in all, this looks to be a pretty fun project and I've been looking into some things to do for scenery as well.  I'll be doing a follow up post to this sometime next week and show off the collection of finished cruisers as of that point.

That's all for now and look here hopefully Sunday evening for a Classic Battletech battle report.


  1. You should just play Firestorm Armada, its a really good game

    1. While there are a few in this area that play Battlefleet Gothic, no one has picked up Firestorm Armada as well. So without anyone to play against, I don't see myself getting into that game system anytime soon though I have heard good things about it. Thanks for the comment, and if you have some suggestions on ships to look for to use as BFG equivalents please list any of them.

    2. I've always thought the Dindrenzi ships from Firestorm had a very brutal Imperial look, not much ornamentation like most BFG imperial ships, but they look hard and no nonsense, take a look here http://www.star-ranger.com/Minis.htm, they list all the none specific model ships out there at that scale, its a great resource.
      If you like the diz from FSA, it might be worht picking up their starter set, you can always use the Terran ships as stand ins for Tau or something, as they have a slightly higher tech look, and then you have the rule book to try out with your BFG playing mates