The Great Bits Swap and Shop

So this past Saturday evening, the Johnson City crew had a bits swap night as part of the gaming.  I parted with a small ton of dark elf shields that I have no clue how I built up, a trio of Ravenors on the sprue,  and some FW empire bits.  What I gained however was this great little guy who will be joining my small growing group of chapter serfs ....
This epic landraider that Cheef had started converting into a cargo mule that I added a couple bits to finish off ....
And then finally, I got enough random bits, including a war buggy base, a basilisk gun shield, and a quartet of lascannon sponson bits that I combined a dreadnought arm bit and a firestorm armada bit to turn into a scratch built rapier platform.  It's a bit clunky looking but it'll do for now.

I like the way the little mule drone looks, so I'm going to be trying to acquire a few more epic landraiders to do similar conversions with.  I also managed to get two games in Saturday evening against Scott but between his dice somewhat not liking him and mine deciding they were going to be Ocean's Eleven hot.  He ended up conceding the first game at the end of Turn 4 with part of a tactical squad left and the second game saw him tabled going into Turn 5.  Both games were fun but lady luck was definitely being fickle in my favor that evening.

Up next is a Classic BattleTech Game against Murl this coming Saturday evening, and I'll try to get pictures this time for a proper battle report.