So this blog is on the fortifications that have slowly been acquired.  So far there is a nice bunker piece that I got off of RTVortil and then a pair of Bastions that came from eBay at a very reasonable price.  I put in best offers on the Bastions and ended up getting them for $26 each which I think isn't a bad deal at all.  No idea what the final paint idea for these will be, but I'm sure I'll come up with something at some point.  I'm half thinking the blue that my marines have for their shoulder pads and then lighter metals and such to help blend into the ice and snow of their homeworld of Cymru.

I've also got a set of the trenches and strong points via the Martyrs set from a while back that RTVortil has been working on off and on.

The other terrain in the future is a Kickstarter I've gone in on.  It's by Impudent Mortals and they're doing both 15mm and 28mm terrain as part of the Kickstarter.  I've gone in to get some industrial 15mm terrain to use in Battletech.  The product all looks nice and they've got a scheduled delivery date of August so all in all not too bad.  Since it's all laser cut wood, the actual production shouldn't be an issue so I'm expecting this one to come in on time.  Cheef has a decent mix of paper buildings for Battletech but their definitely showing signs of wear so this mix of terrain will hopefully give a nice mix of terrain for these games in the future.

That's all for now.  Up next time will be an Imperial Fist relic Landraider for my Lions.

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