SBS Team

So I got my first squad of Scions assembled.  The Warrant Officer (Tempestor) got a power sword to go with his awesome overcoat.  The rest of the squad have their hotshot lasguns and I've included two of the salvo versions in the squad as well.  I'm styling my Scions as a type of SBS Team.  I haven't decided yet on what to call this force and I'm looking for ideas.  These are the highly trained squads of veteran armsmen in the Imperial Navy who back up the basic armsmen.


This squad will be part of Lt. Commander Joachim Steuben's 1st Infantry Battalion.  I'm planning on the organization (NOT the collection) to include 3 Companies of Regular Armsmen and 1 Company of the SBS Team equivalents.  The Warrant Officer is tentatively named Jack Scratchard following the naming convention I've started with this Regiment.  The blade made it pretty easy for me to go with that name for him.  Besides, who wouldn't want to be in a squad where the leader is nicknamed "Ripper Jack"?

I've always enjoyed the Slammer novels, so it's been enjoyable picking and reading back through the books to data mine for names for Regimental characters.  When I get around to making the Steuben character, I think it's going to be a lot of fun trying to get his ... presence to show itself in the model.  I'm going to building one more squad of these SBS guys because the models are just that neat looking.  I'm also going to be bit digging/buying for want of using up all the left over interesting bits still on the sprues.

That's all for this update and I'll see you all on the next go round.

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