A Spotter

So I got a Naval Artillery Observer assembled last evening.  This is 2nd Lt. Moden of the 4th Battalion of the Cymric Sub-Sector Battle Fleet 4th Naval Infantry Regiment.  He's an Imp Guard command squad adviser model with a Scion comm pack added.
But wait .... why would I need a spotter, and what is he spotting for?  Oh yes, this thing.

On the last trip up to Johnson City to play, I picked up this kit which I assembled last night and today.  I didn't add the little barrel cap bits for the Wyvern which allowed me to do a small trip so that I can slide the barrels in to use it as a Hydra as well. (Though the BattleTech enthusiast in me still wants to call it a Partisan.)
I'm happy with how well this kit goes together but I'll admit that for someone with thick stumpy fingers, the smaller and smaller bits that are closer and closer together on the GW sprues are starting to be an issue with me.  I'm using a razor knife more and more it seems to get bits off the sprues rather than the clippers I've used so long.

I still need to look into Basilisks and Manticores to properly outfit the heavy fire support part of the Regiment, but it's starting to take shape as a playable force.  Hopefully sometime this summer I'll get a game in with them.  That's all for now and as always, feel free to leave in input or suggestions in the comments.


  1. Perhaps I overlooked it in a previous post or something, but have you picked out a paint scheme for this battlegroup yet?

  2. I'm most likely going to match the black with silver highlights that the two tank destroyers I acquired are painted.