Yes, I'm Still Here, and Some BattleTech

Ok, so I'm a bit overdue on a blog post, apologies for that.  Between the latest attempt at a local game store closing and my new work schedule, a bit over half my gaming opportunities have gone the way of the squats, extinct.  In fact I've gotten exactly 2 games played in the past 5 weeks which is not a good record.  Ah well, hopefully this too shall pass.

Anyway, I've been digging into my BT Starter Box and combed out all the plastics that were in good condition (ie no malformations, holes, missing details, etc) and came up with 12 that were worth painting.  I added to that group a trio of mechs that I got off eBay for a good price and a couple Clan Mechs that I hadn't decided what to do with yet.  This gave me a good group of 18 mechs that I got painted up into ELH colors.  I still need to get them painted.  This group goes into the start of the 5th Striker Battalion of my 21st Striker Regiment.
I still need to get all of these guys based which I plan to work on tomorrow and after work on Wednesday.  I hope to have them all done before the weekend.  I also found some planes I'm able to use as aerospace fighters with two of them assigned to the 7th Striker Battalion to finish off it's TOE 100%.  The other three are going into the 5th Striker which has 4 Aerospace Fighter lances in it compared to just one in the 7th Striker Battalion.  I'm not sure what system these fighters are from, but they're a fairly hefty metal model.  I'll be using them as Dagger Aerospace Fighter as that's the closest visual profile they fit.
So where does this put my Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Regiment as a whole?

The Regimental Command Company is missing two tanks from the Artillery Lance and the 4 Hover Transports in the 2nd Infantry Platoon need based.

The 5th Striker Battalion is missing 16 Battlemechs and 3 Aerospace Fighters, and 18 Mechs and 3 Aerospace Fighters need basing.

The 7th Striker Battalion is 100% complete and only 2 Aerospace Fighters need basing.

The 1st Armored Infantry Battalion is missing 7 Battlemechs for the Command Lance and AA Lance which will be done when my Robotech pre-order arrives.  It's also missing one base of halftracks from the Alpha Company 3rd Platoon and a base of some sorts to finish off the Engineer Platoon in Bravo Company.

The 3rd Striker Battalion isn't even being considered at this point in time.

So all in all, I'm quite excited about how this force is shaping up.  Still trying to figure out how to get just a single GHQ micro-armor halftrack without either spending way too much for a single tiny model or buying a full blister pack of 5 which I don't need the extras from.

I've got a couple purchases coming so this force will get some additions next week.  One of these is small lot from eBay with an unseen Battlemaster and Wasp plus a Raven mech.  The other is CityTech score that comes with minis.  This means 2 Victors, 2 Orions, 2 Centurions, 2 Javelins, 2 Dashis, 2 Mad Cats, 2 Black Hawks, and 2 Ullers.  These are plastics, but from the pictures they seem to be in very good shape and should be useable.  This will go a long ways towards completing the 5th Striker Battalion and from this point I'll be looking for a deal on some Aerospace fighters.

That's all for now and I'll see you later.

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