Hey look, I'm a BEAR!

So while I've been on a bit of a dry spell on getting hobby stuff done, I have been busy with a few Geeky enjoyments.  The first one is Lord of the Rings Online.  I got into this game back when it was $10 a month to play about 7 or 8 years ago.  I took advantage of a special offer near the holidays back then and got a lifetime account for $75.  Since then, the game was taken over by Turbine and went Free to Play.  Having a lifetime got my account rolled over into a permanent VIP account without having to spend Turbine Points on all sorts of unlockables.
Beorning in action
In the past year the expansions have finally got the storyline and areas available to include Rohan and parts of Gondor.  In the past couple weeks we've got a brand new class of character/race as well.  One is now able to play as a Beorning and able to shapeshift into a bear.  The more rage you build up, the more powerful your bear attacks become.  It's an interesting class to play and it's been fun trying it out.  At least it's a break from the Dwarf Champion I've been playing.

The other interesting item that we got in game a few months back is war steeds.  That's what I've been working with on Champion.  It's a nice change from a regular ride (horses [and goats with Moria expansion] have been available as personal rides since almost the beginning of the game) to increase your movement speed for travel.  The War Steed not only has special combat attacks for when you're riding it, it also levels up and has it's own skill tree like a normal character would.  Being able to get into a swirling cavalry fight with a warg rider on the plains of Rohan is a fun change of pace form normal slow questing.
Some of the potential Rohan War Steeds
I've also finally made some more progress on my Eridani Light Horse.  2 Orions, 2 Javelins, 2 Grasshoppers, a MadCat, a Jenner, a Panther, a Raven, a Cicada, a Catapult, and an unseen Stinger all got primer coated and a base coat of the green I've been using for the ELH.  The next few nights I'm going to try and get the bronze detailing done as well as the wash layer.

That's all for now and I'll try and get this updated a bit more often.


  1. Ah ha! I see we have another closet Brony in our midst...

    1. Not even close. There is a difference between riding a war stallion that kills things dead by trampling them and then what Screech does to a stuffed pony when the lights are out.