BattleTech Progress

So over the past couple months after 3 attempts at 2 different methods that I can not paint a white paint scheme.  So the idea for a ComGuard unit has been scrapped.  What I did instead is roll most of what was going to be in that unit over to join the Donegal Guard company that I did previously.

Now I had originally wanted to do the 6th Donegal Guard but I also can't pull off the Celtic knotwork, so we're doing the 8th Donegal instead.  I'm going to be doing the unit composition to reflect a more of an urban expertise in warfare, so there is going to be Hatchetmen, Firestarters, Hunchbacks, plenty of close quarters beasts.  There is also some ranged heavy hitters to punish enemy units moving into or out of the urban area as well.

So we've got the Battalion Command lance and D Company from the 2nd Battalion.  These are the ones that were done a while back.
2nd Battalion
Command Lance
    Major Jessica Epps, Atlas
    1st Lt. Tobin Hausmann, Zeus
    2nd Lt. Sarah Mayhew, Zeus
    2nd Lt. Vincent Conroy, Guillotine

D Company
1st Lance
    Captain Peter Fitzcairn, Battlemaster
    1st Lt. Sonja McTavish, Thunderbolt
    Joseph Hyde, Dragon
    Stephen St. Jaimes, Dragon

2nd Lance
    2nd Lt. Paul Kearns, Griffin
    Karen Tierny, Cicada
    James Bruce, Cidada
    Sean Ceirdwyn, Commando

3rd Lance
    2nd Lt. Andrew Fisher, Jaegermech
    Emily Bancroft, Trebuchet
    Reginald Beckett, Trebuchet
    Paul O'Sullivan, Blackjack

Now I've got another company, A Company of the 1st Battalion, complete as well.
A Company
First Lance
    Captain Geoffrey Harroldson, Archer
    1st Lt. Sarah Dorian, Quickdraw
    Sinclair Halstead, Quickdraw
    Clarissa Allenby, Dervish

Second Lance
    2nd Lt. Colleen Tavish, Crusader
    Rachael O'Connelly, Catapult
    Miroki Aioba, Catapult
    Michael Dunn, Trebuchet

Third Lance
    2nd Lt. Lloyd Paulson, Crusader
    Karen Owens, Catapult
    Phillip Tannerman, Catapult
    David Veerland, Trebuchet

I've got 3 more companies based coated in my main color for the unit, but there is another company and a battalion command lance that are on the waiting block due to running out of paint.  I'll be picking some up on Sunday when I run up to Johnson City to pick up my 8th Edition pre-order.  This unit is getting fall basing, and I think it goes well with the blue gray color of the mechs.  The vehicle portion of the former ComStar unit will be going into a militia unit to be assigned as support to the 8th Donegal Guard.

So that's what we have for now and I'll see you all next time.


  1. Yeah white is a beast of a color to work with, all of my armies are almost devoid of it! That said, White was just a parade color, the Commies use appropriate camo when in the field.

    1. Well, they're Lyrans now so I don't have to worry about it LOL