One Done, One Started, and a New Begining

So the 2 Battalions of the 8th Donegal Guard are now completed.  I finished basing the last company yesterday which was 1st Battalion's C Company.
C Company
First Lance
    Captain Octavius Kreuger, Griffin
    1st Lt. Nicole Summers, Valkyrie
    Reginald Fisher, Valkyrie
    Zachary Danvers, Jenner
Second Lance
    2nd Lt. Rebecca Norman, Panther
    Abigail Osborne, Panther
    Dylan Baines, Javelin
    Crystal Walker, Javelin
Third Lance
    2nd Lt. Victor Hamilton, Dervish
    Timothy Wilkes, Whitworth
    Sharon Kilralry, Whitworth
    Darius Barnes, Whitworth
And here is the completed force all together.  This should make a nice unit for defending or attacking in urban or built up areas.  It's been a fun unit to complete and I'm happy with how they all came out.  Now since this gives me 2 units of Steiners now, the other being my two lances of 20th Arcturan Guard, next up will be a Davion militia unit to eat up most of the pile of unused BattleTech minis.  To take a break from the mechs I've been painting, armored units will be up first.  The unit will be from Caselton which is in the coreward tip of the Federated Suns.  It will be again 2 Battalions but only will have 1 company of mechs with the rest all being tanks or mechanized infantry.
This is the first 3 lances being worked on.  The Pack Rat lance still needs their windows painted silver and then another layer of red before they get based.  I think the color scheme makes it pretty easy to identify them as Davion militia so we'll see how they come out.  I know Cheef will like this unit as they're going to have a lance of UrbanMechs in it.

Also I got to make a trip to a nearby game store, not the Hobby Town I normally go up to, and got my first game of 8th Edition 40K in.  Like every good blogger, I didn't take a single picture.  It went a little slow with lots of looking at books but all in all I like it.  Most of the time looking in the books was where we were use to older editions and trying to find rules that are no longer there.  I'll need a few more games to really get use to it, but first impressions are favorable for sure.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.

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