4th Company

 So this go around, it's the 4th Company, one of the Battle Line Companies.  This is one of the more active companies, constantly patrolling for any threats to their sphere of influence.  After this post, there is still the 5th Company (Battle Company), 6th Company (Reserve Tactical Company), and 8th Company (Reserve Assault Company) left to post still.
4th Company, Battle Company "Lion's Claws"
    The 4th Company, like 2nd Company, is tasked with actively patrolling the areas around Cymru.  In addition to pursuing alien and heretic forces, they also bolster and augment the defenses of allied systems.
Captain Rhys Glyndwr, Master of the Fleet
    Company Champion Daerwyn Viserys
    Company Standard Bearer Tomas Stenshoel
    6 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Bleddyn, Sgt Tobin Bleddyn
        Tactical Squad Gwionyn, Sgt Gwionyn
        Tactical Squad Breithal, Sgt Breithal
        Tactical Squad Halpaern, Vet Sgt Jaeme Halpaern
        Tactical Squad Alasdair, Sgt Alasdair
        Tactical Squad Phaidias, Sgt Phaidias
    2 Assault Squads
        Assault Squad Valerius, Sgt Valerius
        Assault Squad Gwyrdon, Vet Sgt Gwyrdon
    2 Devastator Squads
        Devastator Squad Esgalion, Sgt Aemon Esgalion
        Devastator Squad Branne, Vet Sgt Owyn Branne
    4 Dreadnoughts
        Ironclad Dreadnought Gilrain
        Ironclad Dreadnought Glanhir
        Dreadnought Braedwr
        Dreadnought Camedyr
    8 Rhinos
    3 Razorbacks

So next up will be most likely the 8th Company.  I've been using this opportunity to get the Companies put back into foam trays so they're sorted out.

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  1. I love the one blue guy with the missile launcher, he seriously stands out!