Imperial Guard

So the 1st Battalion of the Cymric Sub-Sector Battle Fleet 4th Naval Infantry Regiment has received some reinforcements.  I got lucky when someone posted there entire army of Imperial Guard on eBay in a large number of small lots.  I managed to win about 6 of these for a very reasonable price and thus the force has grown to almost tabletop playable.  I'm still quite light in support units like artillery, tanks, etc.

First up is the block of basic infantry men, or armsmen in the case of this regiment.  I had won a total of 5 squads so that gives me 30 lasgun toting bodies.
The squads all came with a grenade launcher which means 5 more of those.
And then there were 5 heavy weapons teams with 3 autocannons and 2 mortars to go with the mortar I already have assembled.
And then last of all, there are the 5 Sgts for the squads plus a pair of junior officers won in a separate lot.
So this gives me an overall total of 7 full squads or if I split the heavy weapons off into heavy weapon squads, I'll be able to field almost 6 full squads as veterans or normal platoon squads.  I need to look into acquiring some guard plasma gunners and melta gunners.  Add to that some artillery and such.  I've reached a good number of boots on the ground I think, and from here on I need more of the heavy firepower and support units to fill in the force.

That's all for now and I'll see you all later.

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