How I Haul It (X-Wing Edition)

So with any army, it often comes down to just how do you haul it around.  With X-Wing I started by using the bottom of the starter box, but that obviously was a very short term solution.  What I finally decided on was a fishing tackle box.  It set me back about $30 (but I'll admit I got it at Walmart which means I got my employee discount which knocked off all the sales tax) which isn't bad at all.  It's got plenty of pockets, a strap, and came with 4 dividable trays.
There is a pocket on the inside of the lid that the rules fit in with plenty of room to spare.
Now let's take a look at the first tray.  It's got my fighters, profile cards, movement dials, the cardboard terrain pieces, and the flight stand markers for the fighters.
In the second tray, we've got the YT-1300 and it's flight stand stuff, movement templates, dice, upgrade and damage decks, and all the various tokens.
So right now with just 8 fighters and the freighter, together with all the other game play stuff, it all fits in just two of the trays.  So with 2 trays still empty, I've got plenty of room to continue growing my Rebel Alliance/New Republic force.  Plus if I decide to finally add an Imperial force in the future, it'll be easy enough to just get a couple of these standard size fishing tackle trays to use and then swap out the ones in the bag as needed.  One note though, the trays come in the bag standing up on their side and I've chosen to lay them down instead to keep the various tokens and cards in their right divided spots.  It makes the top tray just a touch difficult to get in and out, but still way easier than resorting everything every time I get it out.

So that's how I'm hauling my X-Wing.  Anyone else out there with an interesting army transport or suggestion?

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