So I've recently been getting into Star Wars: X-Wing.  I've always been a fan of the Star Wars Universe (Greedo edit, Jar-Jar Binks, and Yuuzhan Vong Invasion not withstanding) and it really is a nice tight skirmish game system.  Between the constant new release of a variety of star fighters (with plenty that haven't been even looked at yet) and the endless combo of the upgrade cards for the different ships, it really gives you a chance to customize your force but keeping it balanced for playing.  Unfortunately I haven't got to play anywhere near as much as I want to but I'm hoping to change that as time goes on.

Now the ships are VERY well done from a visual standpoint, both in the level of detail as well as the paint schemes they've been given.  The only real modification I'm considering is when I get a second B-Wing, I want to try one of the How To's on changing the orientation of the fighter so it's turned 90 degrees into the more iconic attack position from the Return of the Jedi movie.  And what is a force in a game system for me if I can't do a bit of fluff for it.  So here we are,after a bit of research and some decision making on which species and such I wanted to represent in the force, the Raven Squadron of the New Republic.  Now some of the ship varients have a specific pilot name attached to them, so for my fluff purposes, they'll just be a counts as for a pilot of similar skill level, though it won't reflect anything game play wise.  Actually, the fluff I've come up with won't really be reflected at all in the game play, but as this is part of the hobby that I really enjoy, I couldn't help myself.

Raven Squadron
    During the early years of the fledgling New Republic, a number of fighter squadrons were formed to help combat the numerous warlords and fragmented Imperial remnants.  One of these squadrons was Raven Squadron.  The unit's first major combat was during the Thrawn campaign where they lost nearly half their strength in one of Thrawn's hit and run raids to make Sluis Van to attack.  After rebuilding, they were deployed on anti-pirate patrol on the Assault Frigate Tannenhaus where they gained experience not only against the pirates but various small incursions by Imperial Warlords.  Raven Squadron then took part in a supporting role during the Crimson Empire crisis.  They were then deployed as part of Admiral Ackbar's fleet to overthrow Warlords Teradoc and Rogriss.  Their next major deployment was to the newly formed Fifth Fleet where they took part in the Black Fleet Crisis.  Since then, Raven Squadron has been assigned various training and escort missions.

Lt. Commander Piet "Hangman" Henke, E-Wing
    Raven Leader, Human Male (Corellia)
Commander Irie Muslar, A-Wing
    Raven Two, Devaronian Male
Lt. Aivars Gessitt
    Raven Three, Human Male (Palanhi)
Lt. Emleriss Vaelden, B-Wing
    Raven Four, Duros Female
Lt. Kevaan "Lucky" Haerliss
    Raven Five, Human Male (Corellia)
Lt. Daud Moumin, X-Wing
    Raven Six, Quarren Male
Lt. Rhael Hurrskain, X-Wing
    Raven Seven, Sullustan Male
Lt. Lew Parmley, Human Male, (Rendili)
    Raven Eight
Lt. Aikawa "Tingrin" Toumin, A-Wing
    Raven Nine, Human Male (Kuat)
Lt. Olwen Neukirch
    Raven Ten, Human Female (Lorrd)
Lt. Hlaxx Domipakk, Hortek Male
    Raven Eleven
Lt. Caerla Doumlin, Human Female (New Alderaan)
    Raven Twelve

Raven Squadron Flight Patch
The ship types listed in the unit composition are ships I already have or have purchased in the past week and am awaiting the arrival of.  I want to add another X-Wing and B-Wing for sure, and possibly a second E-Wing (Hands down my favorite Star Wars fighter from a visual standpoint).  And then I want to see about some Y-Wings and Headhunters to round out the force, perhaps to use as replacement fighters as needed.  Might pick up a YT-1300 Freighter to assist in hauling parts and supplies.  I have no plans what so ever in getting the Corellian Corvette yet, even though it's a gorgeous model.  It's just too many points for regular casual game play (Not to mention the $70 price tag on it).

So that's all for now and I'll chat with you all later.

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  1. We all need to get corvettes so we can have a naval engagement!!!