Some Eridani Light Horse

So the last couple days I've been a bit busy with my BattleTech stuff, specifically my Eridani Light Horse 21st Striker Battalion.  Thanks to Murl, I've got a very accurate force organization chart, table of ordnance, in depth fluff, and etc.  While I kept overall unit commanders the same, I changed almost all the rank and file troopers name because let's be honest, FASA stunk it up when it came to giving the 4th guy in the 11th lance a name.  A good portion were nigh on unpronounceable.  But I've kept to the structure of the force though in creating my own variation on it.
So what I've done these last couple days was to get the last of my painted mechs for the 21st Striker Regiment (7th Striker Battalion) based.  I'll show these guys off in a later post as I'm awaiting two orders which should all be here by Tues of next week.  These orders will completely finish off filling in the mech portion of my force so far including security and command lances.  I've no plans to create the 3rd or 5th Striker Battalions for the time being, just the one striker battalion, the armored infantry battalion, and the regimental assets.  After all those are done .... we'll see.

So after I finished the basing of the dozen or so mechs that needed it, I turned my attention to the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion portion of the regiment.  This battalion consists of an armored company, two infantry companies, and an artillery company.  The armored company consists of a command lance (Von Luckners and Rommel/Pattons and missing one vehicle), a striker lance (Ontos and Hetzers), and a Recon Lance (a lone Saladin at the moment).
Von Luckners

Hetzer (one minus the gun to represent the SRM variant)
So far on the infantry components I only have a lance of Goblins to represent the Alpha Company 4th Platoon and then I've got my first motorized infantry base done to represent part of the Alpha Company 1st Platoon.  I also took a Von Luckner that had no turret and converted it into an engineering vehicle which I'll work into the Regimental Level assets which also include an artillery lance that's composed of my LRM carriers.
Goblin Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Engineering vehicle and Motorized Infantry
LRM Carriers in Regimental Artillery Lance

The next thing on the list for this project is more Saladins and either some Saracens or Pegasus to round out the hover recon lance.  And of course I've got a lot more micro armor trucks to paint and base for the infantry components.  Which still leaves finishing the artillery forces and there is an aerospace lance in the mech battalion that I haven't addressed either.  So still plenty to do and a few things I'm figuring out still, though I'm very pleased with the progress of the last couple days.  The plan right now is to spend a good hunk of Sunday cranking out bases and then after that begin painting trucks of motorized infantry to go on them.  (For the record, I really don't like painting those tiny things.)  Other future projects include a couple command/HQ vehicles and some more engineering vehicles.  I think for the engineering stuff that I'll convert one of Bravo Company's platoons from motorized infantry into engineers, not a big tweak but gives a valuable asset without expanding the force organization chart beyond the established.

That's all for now and I'll see you all later.

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