A Bit More Battletech

So one of my eBay orders showed up today.  For $26 I got 3 Grasshoppers, a Cyclops, and a couple plastics from the starter set, the less nice plastics unfortunately so they got tossed in the bag to mostly ignore with the rest from my starter box.

The Grasshoppers will be joining the Eridani Light Horse which will give up an Awesome and a Mauler to join the Cyclops in the Tamar Heavy Guards.  The Grasshopper is a nice fast unit with a decent amount of hitting power so they'll complement the ELH quite nicely.  Throwing in the Mauler and Awesome for the Tamar Heavy Guard increases their hitting power and the Cyclops gives a bit of command and control options.  I've got a Wolfhound that needs a home as well so he'll probably land in the THG as a spotting mech for the heavies and assaults.
I'll need to give them all a repriming, paint, and basing but all in all not bad at for the price.  Now if the Robotech lances would just show up I could really get going on the Tamar Heavy Guard.  They had the ship date listed as if they had the items, but I've since learned they were selling their pre-orders and they won't be heading my way for at least another week.  I'm a bit miffed over that, not that I mind the wait but rather that they hadn't clearly mentioned that in the description or reflected it in the shipping times.  As to the THG, I'm thinking for the color scheme that I'm going to do a solid gray-blue with some silver highlighting.  Maybe some arctic basing to get some difference between them and my ELH.

I'm working the entire 4th weekend with my next day off being Monday, so probably won't get much of anything posted between now and then.  So that's it for today and I'll see you all later.


  1. Don't hold your breath, the Robotech UEDF minis only went into production last week! Meaning there's a month or more minimum before they even arrive state side (and quit yer bitching as those of us who are kickstarter backers are already months past due on receiving our toys and ought to be at the front of that line!).

    1. It's just a pain to see one shipping date on an eBay item then it change to much later after you've paid.

    2. That is really shitty way to sell something, sounds like neutral feedback at best...

    3. Not until I have them or see them marked shipped anyway. Not giving them a reason to ship them slower.