7th Company Reporting From Distant Past

So this go round, we have the 7th Company.  It's made almost entirely of old 3 part marines with the exceptions being a few special weapons and the Company Captain which is an Assault on Black Reach Captain model which somehow seemed appropriate.   I got all these marines (and some more which will appear in a different company) at a game shop in Memphis the one time I made it to a Games Day.  As Cheef will be sure to note, the fluff part of the chapter shows two Dreadnoughts that I don't possess yet, so yeah, still need some more Dreads at some point in the future.  One can never have too many dreadnoughts.
7th Company, Reserve Tactical Company "Rites of Honor"
    The 7th Company is deployed to the galactic northwest of Cymru to assist in controlling the border of the Ghoul Stars.  This is due to oaths and pacts of honor made with the Death Specters chapter which are responsible for defending the Ghoul Stars.
Captain Oegnus Teargan
    Company Champion Ieuan Serydd
    Company Standard Bearer Colin Verschagain
    10 Tactical Squads
        Tactical Squad Ballantrae, Veteran Sgt Ballantrae
        Tactical Squad Reyes, Sgt Reyes
        Tactical Squad Bastelin, Sgt Bastelin
        Tactical Squad Hoelgran, Sgt Hoelgran
        Tactical Squad Crayton, Sgt Crayton
        Tactical Squad  Actaeon, Sgt Actaeon
        Tactical Squad Leontius, Sgt Leontius
        Tactical Squad Vinchen, Sgt Vinchen
        Tactical Squad Padraigius, Sgt Padragius
        Tactical Squad Phaedrus, Veteran Sgt Phaedrus
    2 Dreadnoughts
    10 Rhinos
    8 Razorbacks

So that's got it for now, but plenty more companies of marines to come.  Also my Imperial Skies kickstarter ships arrived so there will be some posts of that coming as well.


  1. "You can never have too many Dreadnoughts". How big was your smile when you typed that?

    1. It was somewhere between a maniacal smirk and a diabolical laugh.

  2. Replies
    1. It could be worse Cheef, I could be into collecting clown faced Necrons .....