BattleMech Assault Coming

So, it's been a week of making progress on the BattleTech pile of things to do.  The batch of plastic hex bases I ordered arrived the middle of last week so everything that had been based green is now on a base.  I also got 45 mechs done with the hightlight color and the wash layer so they're ready for basing.  I need to get a new batch of sand from the hobby store so I can get started basing.
The Light Mechs
The Medium Mechs
The Heavy Mechs
The Assault Mechs
   I need to take an evening to get them all slated into spots in the overall TOE for my Eridani Light Horse.  Hopefully I'll have that for next week's update.  I've also got about 30 some more mechs on bases now and need to get the highlight color and wash on them still.
Tie-Advanced in the Crossfire
I also managed to get some gaming in this past Saturday night  I played a 3 sided game of X-Wing against Cheef and Billy the Bill.  I fielded a list of 4 B-Wings against Billy's Scum list and Cheef's Imperials.  Instead of asteroids we parked Billy's Corvette in the middle of the board to fly around instead.  Cheef and I both hit Billy pretty hard early on before tearing into each other a bit.  I got a bit lucky and outlasted them both with a single surviving B-Wing.  It was an enjoyable game and I like the amount of damage that 4 B-Wings can dish out as well as absorb.

That's all for this week and I'll see you all later.


  1. Hey! Get that warhammer out of the Assault Mech section!

    1. I'll have you know that in a rare multiverse crossover appearance, that one Jek Porkins is piloting that Warhammer. This was just after his binge run to McDantoonie and Taco Bel Iblis, and just before he came down with that fatal case of Tie-phoid. Porkins tops the tonnage scale to push the Mech just into the Assault weight class.