BattleTech Once Again

So the main thing I got done this week was getting the base green on forty something battlemechs.  About four of them need another coat to fix a few places were the green went on too thin.  I'm going to spend some of tomorrow and a hunk of Friday working to get these closer to completion.  This will have my 21st Striker Regiment just 8 aerospace fighters shy of completion.  It will also get the 151st Light Horse started as well.
I recently came into contact with a group playing BattleTech on a semi-regular basis in the area, so hopefully there will start being more CBT battle reports on the blog.  They seem to get together about every other week so I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes a week from this coming Sunday.

This week I've spent Sunday afternoon and most of Monday and Tuesday helping my dad and brother in law rebuild a large portion of my parents front porch, so that's cut into a fair portion of my hobby time.  It did let me get in some thinking time while working and I've been trying to prioritize some of the projects on my to do list to get it cleared out some.  BattleTech is towards the top of the list, as well as wanting to get SAGA Vikings completed.

I did get some time to work on something else Sunday evening, but I'll be saving it until next week.  It's a totally new project for a game system I enjoy but haven't had a chance to play for a while and hence it hasn't been on the blog.  The only hint I'll drop is that axes are being sharpened.

That's about it for now but next week will be a lot more substantive between CBT progress and the new project.  See you all later and keep you hobby on.

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