I didn't really get any hobby stuff done this past week so thought I'd take a post to discuss the state of where I am with the hobby.

So it used to be that 40K, especially marines, was what kept me really motivated to model and convert and even to paint (the part which I don't enjoy).  Then the last edition came out and hit the local game group about like the Hindenburg crashing down on top of the Titanic with Pompeii in the background to set the mood.  I've only seen a few 40K games played since then and it's pretty nonexistent right now.

There is still BattleTech and I love expanding my Eridani Light Horse, but it's very hard to get a game of that in.  I'm still working on this, and with a vacation next week should start making a dent in that huge list of primered models.  With close to a hundred mechs primed, I gotta start making progress soon.
I've also got some Bolt Action, both US Army and British paras, but again, it's not being played much and thus hard to get motivated to make progress on either army.  Both armies need some purchases to round them out some more, but they're both back burnered.
So next is X-Wing, which I enjoy, but the first love is off them and I need to find that again.  I've not played it much lately due to an Infinity league so getting the models back on the table more should be a step in the right direction.  Hopefully this next Saturday I can wrangle a game or two.
So speaking of the Infinity league, this has been my game time for pretty much the last few months.  I went with a Myrmidon themed list converted to look very Greek hoplite.  There were a few issues with this.  First being the aesthetic issue where it took pretty much the entire league to get most of my conversion bits which meant I got the army converted and primered, but none of it painted to score points.  Gameplay wise the list suffered from the theme which caused low numbers of orders, next to no specialists for the missions, and the need to close against armies that could take most of my models out at range.  All in all I didn't do very well scoring in the games which fed the lack of hobby points.  Infinity is an interesting game, but it just doesn't pull me in and I'll probably not be playing it often at all.

I've also got SAGA on the back burner due to no real opponent and then 15mm with the Gruntz ruleset which while it's interesting to assemble the models and ideas for it, has been a real pain to figure out how to point units up.  It's borderline calculus.  Neither of these is making fast progress and are slow projects right now at best.

It's kind of odd, now that I'm the most relaxed on the work front in a long time, have a schedule that is giving more time for hobby, and I've got multiple projects available to work on .... that I'm finding it the hardest to motivate myself to make progress on the hobby front.  Hopefully it's just a lull that will soon pass.  I think a lot of it is due to the frustration on the Infinity front.  There is talk of Mordheim in the coming months, and that's always a fun way to spend time converting and getting creative with group ideas.

So that's where it all stands right now.  I've got lots of options yet seem a bit lost on the hobby front.  If there are any good tales out there or sage advice from those who have been there before, feel free to chime in as always.

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  1. Get the app to make Gruntz units!!! Its $5, and makes building units go from calculus to practically mindlessly easy:


    Oh, and burnout hits everyone, so don't fret about it too much. I find that things go in cycles (oddly for me especially, 40k is at the top currently). I just put in an order for some custom decals which has designs for CBT, Gruntz, 40k, Bolt Action & a 'secret project' that's liable to have me wanting to go in all directions at once when they get here...