Mainly Fluff This Week

So I've not really made any progress on painting or assembling this past week.  What I did get done however was to flesh out the background of my 15mm Gruntz force.
As various groups were begining to leave Earth to colonize and settle out among the stars, one such group was the Scottish Clan of Claiborne and two smaller clans that had sworn allegience to them, Clan Tulloch and Clan Forsythe.  They found a lush mountainous world with numerous islands scattered across it's several oceans.  They named the world New New Caldonia and the system as a whole they named Hebrides  New New Caldonia's two orbiting moons gave it a harsher tidal and weather pattern than Earth's but the Clans prospered and built up their local industries.

As the galaxy showed itself to be a much harsher place than expected with pirate bands, aggressive opposing factions, and destructive aliens, Ian Claiborne, the leader of the Clan and thus the planet at the time, began a reoriginational period that emphasized the military and martial endeavors.  Several small military academies were founded as well as the Highlander Military College.  Claymore Military Designs, New Glasgow Aerospace, and Culloden Arms were also founded during this period to become the core of New New Caldonia's arms industrial complex.  These changes allowed the planet's population to continue to thrive while strict adherence to the ancient clan honor codes earned Clan Claiborne a well deserved reputation amongst their friends and allies as well as their enemies.

Decades later the elders of the clan were approached by representatives of the East Hyadum Trading Company.  Over the course of several weeks, an agreement was finalized where the East Hyadum Trading Company would assist in improving New New Caldonia's industry and merchant fleet while making available a wide range of products and resources.  In return Clan Claiborne redefined itself slightly to be known as a warrior house sworn to protect the East Hyadum Trading Company.  The new access to various power plants, metals, armors, and other technologies has lead to constant advances in the planet's arms industry, which only makes the Clan Claiborne military forces that much more dangerous.

The current government is lead by the clan elders Matthew Claiborne, William Forsythe, and Sarah Claiborne.

Sorry there isn't much this week, but I've got a fair amount of stuff to make progress on, just need to find time to get it all done.  That's all for now and I'll see you all next week.

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