Now It's Getting Fun

So first off let me just say 4 for 4, and I'm doing well with this schedule so far.  Now, let's get into the fun stuff.
New 20th Arcturan Lance
Original 20th Arcturan Lance
 I've continued to work with a guy up in Vancouver that I met on a BattleTech buy/trade group.  In the middle of last week I got my 2nd lance of 20th Arcturan Guard in the CamoSpec book winter camo.  So that adds a Mauler, a clan Nova, and 2 Fafnirs to the first lance of a Thug, Battlemaster, Zeus, and Atlas for a Lyran scout demi-company.  I've got two more lances of Heavy and Assault mechs to make it a full company at some point in the future.
These arrived in great shape and went together so easily

Next, my first wave of Gruntz models from Brigade Models arrived for 15mm gaming this past Saturday.  I've got both tanks, the motar carrier, 2 APCs, and 5 IFVs assembled.  I'm currently messing with the artillery/anti-tank guns which do NOT want to go together and keep gluing themselves to everything BUT the other parts.  I'll also be starting on getting the infantry models on bases this week as well.
I'll use this silver and blue scheme for the whole force
Destruction stalks the battlefield, yes one is a chaplain for a command version
 Now with an assault Battlemech model working out as a medium mecha at best for my commander, I definitely wanted to find something to be an assault mecha cause ... big huge robot attack!!!  So with actual 15mm models now to judge against, the perfect idea for assault mecha hit me.  In 40K among my favorite models are space marine dreadnoughts and they look to be the perfect assault mecha chassis.  So I'm going to use the paint scheme on my two Contemptor dreadnoughts for the whole force and it give me about half a dozen regular dreadnoughts to use as well.  Nothing says that you want to crush your enemy, drive him before you, and hear the lamentations of opponent like a force of huge mecha striding across the battlefield.
The paint que .... with Gruntz still to add

So that's where it all stands right now.  I've got plenty, as in like 70+ BattleMechs and all the 15mm gaming stuff, to get painted.  I don't enjoy painting to I'm really trying to get myself in the mood for that so I can start making a dent in it all.  So everyone out there keep your game on and I'll see you all next week.


  1. I dig those contempors, I have flirted with th notion of getting one.

    1. They're pretty much the epitomy of the coolness that is the space marine dreadnought