When Models Overachieve

So the Taudar finally were handed a setback in their war of aggression.  I didn't take any pictures as it ended up being a 3 on 3 game at 3,000 points with 1000 points each of Lions, Sentinels of Terra Imperial Fists and some Khorne daemons against Cheef, Cheef's GF, and RTVortil's combined Tau and Eldar.  The Forces of the Imperium (plus those odd red allies that were on the far end of the board from me) managed to send the Tau and Eldar reeling in a kill point game where the sheer number of kill points that a Tau or Eldar army can give up came back to hurt them.

What struck me in the game is how a model or few will somehow seem fated to do far beyond what it should to achieve greatness.
The common drop pod.  Last night one of mine did well enough that I think it's earned either a name, or a laurel, or something.  It took out a unit of 4 pathfinders with its stormbolter, it kept a unit of wraithguard with D-scythes occupied for multiple turns trying to kill it.  And to top it all off, when the wraithguard finally exploded it, the drop pod was even able to take a wraithguard with it.
Then there was a lone plasma gunner tactical marine.  His captain was laid low by overwatching D-scythes leaving him alone.  The Wraithguard attempted to template him and failed to wound him 3 times.  So they attempted to charge and he killed one with overwatch to put them just out of charge range by a quarter of an inch.  He then followed that up with a double tap to finish off the last two remaining wraithguard.  Truely a marine marked for greatness with his calm controlled reaction to what was happening around him.  He knew no fear.
On the other side of the table, it was a crisis suit with dual missile pods and interceptor that was doing exceedingly well.  I had planned on deep striking 3 pairs of landspeeders loaded with dual heavy bolters to thin out those pathfinders, firewarriors, and guardians.  The suit managed to take out 2 speeders and take a hull point off a third one.  Definitely thinning out the fire power that was going to rain down.

So all in all, it was an enjoyable game, though watching the daemon player and RTVortil seeing who could roll the worst was a sideshow in it's own right.  (For those interested, RTV proved it was him that could roll the worst)

I still want to get a solo game in against Cheef and GF, though I'm starting to think I need a game against those Sentinels of Terra as well to see who is the better successor to Dorn's legacy.


  1. Sounds like a fun game, the story of the plasma gunner was pretty heroic! It was my guy he probably would have cooked himself on the Overwatch attempt! LOL

    1. I was hoping for that actually.

    2. I think the only plasma that overcooked the entire game was that plasma cannon in the Fist list.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah...lol.

    If the dragons had the standard D-cannons the drop pod wouldn't have lasted as long I don't think, However I like the D-scythes too much now to go back to them. Whilst it looked disappointing, overall I was pleased with the dragon's performance. They dropped the ironclad (which would potentially have cleaned our clocks), your commander and eventually...the drop pod.

    It was fun though, and yes, that 1 AA crises suit worked very well! May need to get her another one of those...

  3. Well, the Ironclad scattered farther than I wanted so had to settle for a unit of Firewarriors instead of a Hammerhead, but at least he took a kill point with him which I was fine with in that type of game.