So I Got My Imperial Knight

This Tuesday in the early afternoon, I swung by the FLGS and picked up my Imperial Knight.  Which promptly lead to an afternoon and evening of building since the Knight Companion book was delayed in shipping or I'd have spent a lot of time reading instead of building.
For the record
   1.  I love the look of the knight and it went together fairly easy.
   2.  I hate the little handrail and similar bits.  I have fairly chunky fingers and little fiddly bits
        don't cooperate.
   3.  I think the thermal cannon would be more valuable in combat, but I just love the look of
        the battle cannon more so that's what it got.

So the legs were first up in the directions and went really smoothly.
Next up was the torso and I got fairly well into it when disaster struck.  The bottle of glue ran empty which lead to a break to run out for glue and dinner since I was already out and hadn't eaten yet.
So reinforced with a new bottle of glue (and a just in case spare), the torso continued.  I also finished the might chain sword arm as well.
This is where I took a thought break.  I know with what I regularly face for foes, that the thermal cannon would pay huge dividends, but in the end the battle cannon won out.  I'm building this for aesthetics more than what it's going to do which is why that weapon won out.  I like the longer lance like look of the battle cannon.
As can be seen, some tweaks were made to give it more of my personal flair as well.  The Black Templar vehicle upgrade bit (the sword with chains and cross one) was added to the hanging banner.  A few Kotobukiya MSG vent bits added some detail along with a couple purity seals.  Then a small banner pole which is where I'll put the pilot's personal coat of arms was added to the upper hull along with a sashimono style banner pole.

I finally decided on a House name, colors, and coat of arms for the time being at least.  My original plan was to base it on the Order of St. John and the island of Malta.  Too many French, Spanish, and Italian names that really didn't fit into the overall theme of my fluff with the other groups changed my mind.  So I went back to the drawing board and fell on the idea of Beowulf.  So the Knightly House of Heorot on the Knight World of Jutland was born lead by the Eorl Hrothgar.

Eorl will by the Lord or Seneschal leading the Knightly House
Thane will be a normal Knight
Ceorl will be a Knight Apparent

The color scheme is going to be quarter dark red and bone white along the lines of the following image.  I'm thinking dark brass for edging and black and dark metallics for the under skeleton of the Knight.
The coat of arms will be Imperial Eagles to show allegiance to local Imperial Forces (namely the Lions of Harlech).  The Eagle will be mixed with the House Sigils of a black rook with a sword lengthwise through it on the bone white background.

The Imperial Knight Paladin that I build will be piloted by the Thane Eadgils whose personal coat of arms I'm stilling thinking on though I'm leaning toward crossed axes.

So that's all for now and I'll see what I can come up with for next time.


  1. Very cool. When I ever get one of these things I intend to magnetize those canons. -I like options!

    1. The only issue with magnetizing the cannons is that while it'll be easy to magnet the different shield guard forward, there are also different bits that hang on the back based on which cannon. So to do it right, you'd need to order spare bits and do the whole gun piece.