Let me just start this post by admitting that I love Dreadnoughts.  To me they're one of the most iconic symbols of space marine power along side the bolter marine and the Landraider.  With that admission, why I have just so many Dreadnoughts and wouldn't mind having more is explained.  I know a lot of people have written Dreadnoughts off as a viable unit in a marine army, but between Drop Pods and the Stormraven, they just have too many ways to get there fast to crush a foe.

To borrow a couple lines from a Dream Evil song ...
Can't bend what's made of metal
We're reinforced with steel
We never will surrender
We never kneel

First up, the leader of my Conclave of Ancients for the Lions of Harlech, the Chaplain Dreadnought Celebrant.  I'm not sold on the rules for the Chaplain Dreadnought but I love the way the model looks and when I had a chance to get one on eBay pretty cheap I went for it.
After that is the Contemptor Dreadnought Sirannon.  The Contemptor is probably the nicest looking version of the Dreadnought they've made so far.  This one is armed with dual Kheres Assault Cannons and the Missile Launcher.
The other Contemptor that is finished is Malduin.  He has a Kheres Assault Cannon and a Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with built in Heavy Flamer.
After that are the Ironclad Dreadnoughts Gilrain and Glanhir.  These two have been seen quite often on the tabletop as I love the Ironclad as a unit in my armies.  Both have underslung meltaguns and heavy flamers.
Next in line is a pair of Venerable Dreadnoughts Celduin and Celebros.  First has the Plasma Cannon and the second an Assault Cannon.
Following them, we have the Contemptor Dreadnought Greylin and the Ironclad Dreadnought Maulduin.  I need to assemble and put the arms on the Contemptor still.  I plan to do the Contemptor with Assault Cannon and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon.  The Ironclad has meltagun and heavy flamer under it's Close Combat Weapons.
The Dreadnoughts Norbourn and Taeglin are next in line.  Both have Multimeltas and Close Combat Weapons.
And then finally we have the Dreadnoughts Morthond, Gelion, and Harnen.  The first has Close Combat Weapon and Assault Cannon, the second has Missile Launcher and Assault Cannon, and the third has Multimelta and Close Combat Weapon.

I'll give whoever figures out and post the naming convention for my Dreadnoughts a mention in the next blog post.  The literary fans among you should get it fairly quick I should think.  I still want to add a couple dual autocannon Dreadnoughts at some point and I'm sure I'll find a reason to two to add some others as well.

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