More Henchmen

So it was quite a bit of fun to work on that first batch of Inquisitorial henchmen so ended staying at it yesterday and today.  So today we've got another round of Inquisitor Kaelloen's retinue.  This means you all get a quick extra post in follow up to yesterday mornings.  So added to the cast of characters we have the following.

Cyrus Nishin
    Cyrus was a midlevel investigator on the Hive World of Gaaltor III when Kaelloen discovered him.  Kaelloen was looking into a departmento munitorum administrator who was taking bribes as well as encouraging smuggling for still more income.  Cyrus has a intuitive almost psychic ability to discover the hidden gem of a clue amongst piles and piles of gathered data.  Kaelloen often uses Cyrus to begin looking for signs of potential corruption to begin a new investigation.
Cyrus is a fantasy engineer for a basis as I think the raven could easily pass for a cyber version and with all his scrolls, pouches, and such, he definitely looks like he's been looking into various things.  I added a purity seal and a couple more bits and think he works well.

Ibrahim Haaskim
    Ibrahim comes from the world of Tallern.  Kaelloen heard many things about the deep desert tribes of this world and went there to recruit an interrogator.  Travelling to the far reaches of the high deserts far from the cities of Tallern, Kaelloen found just what he was looking for, a man capable of almost inspeakable methods of extrating the truth from a person.  He was persuaded to take hire, and joined the Inquisitor's retinue.
Ibrahim is mainly a Forge World Tallern model (from the previous post's "bits box of I don't know where I got these bits from but I like them") with just a few bits added to round out the model.

2nd Lt. Rawling
Junior Officer on the Faith of the Ancients, Dauntless-class Light Cruiser
    2nd Lt. Rawlings has been assigned by the captain of the Faith of the Ancients as liason and assistant to Kaelloen while their ship is at the Inquisitor's disposal.  He often draws on Senior Armsman Quentin and his shore party of armsmen and ratings to augment his abilities to protect the Inquisitor when he's out investigating or executing the Emperor's Justice.
2nd Lt. Rawlings
Senior Armsman Quentin
Small squad of armsmen
Ship ratings
These are all based on imperial guard models (or are we suppose to be calling them Astra Militarium now?).  The 2nd Lt. is from the commander of the chimera kit.  The armsmen all have variant backpacks.  Their lasguns have the tips removed and replaced with Kotobukiya bits to give more of a carbine look.  The ratings are the pilot models from the Battle for Macragge set with packs added for that resupply look.

Hopefully the models I've got coming for a couple of the other figures, including the Inquisitor, will be here in the following few days and I'll continue on this project.  By the way, big fan here of the Kotobukiya conversion bit kits.  They're really inexpensive though a Japanese model site is the only place I've found to order them though instock, or lack there of, can be a pain at times.  (Ordering in Yens is a bit confusing and expect a couple or three weeks for them to arrive.)  But from rotatory cannon tips to vents to armor plate to nozzles and such, they make a great line of bits for converting with though they're primarily for different gundam and such models which are popular in Japan.  They work great with 40K stuff as well though.

That's all until next time and enjoy this extra quick post.

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