Inquisitorial Henchmen

So wanting to take a break from the normal and start work on something a little different, I started working over the last few days on modeling one of the Lions' Inquisitor allies and figuring out a retinue for him.  As this is more for fluff and fun reasons than to use on the tabletop, don't expect a good combat formation here.

The model I'm going to be using for the Inquisitor himself is ordered and hasn't arrived yet so I began working on some henchmen first.  This project is going to be Inquisitor Jaemes Kaelleon, Ordo Hereticus, Radical Inquisitor (Libricar) and his retinue.  I've got in my head that Inquisitor Kaelleon is a very persistent and direct acting type and so his retinue is going to be based around either the investigative type to help discover corruption and traitors or the direct action type to permanently deal with said corrupt or traitorous types uncovered.

Sgt Davos
Space Marine (penitent questing)
    Sgt Davos was part of the Steel Sons space marine chapter.  They served as a fleet based chapter near the Eye of Terror until just prior to Abbadon's 9th Black Crusade.  During that time period the Steel Sons began to suffer grievous losses that were not readily explainable.  Their enemies always seemed a step ahead of them tactically and strategically.  It was discovered that one of the chapter's chaplains had fallen to the lure of chaos and was a traitor from within.  The remnants of the Steel Sons destroyed themselves while trying to purge this rot from itself.  Sgt Davos believes himself to be the remaining brother of his chapter and is on a penitent crusade to atone for his chapter's failure.  He had attached himself to Kaelloen's retinue as Davos sees that purging other traitors to the Imperium will prevent what happened to his own chapter.

Due to his being both the sole remaining member of his chapter as well as being on a penitent quest, I didn't want him to look like a normal space marine.  Thus he started out with the body from a chaos fantasy warrior with some space marine arms and helm added.  This gives him a nice knightly appearance which to me works with the questing theme.

Lt. Luk Saito
Veteran Imperial Guard Sniper
    Lt. Saito is from the Takoma System where he served in the Imperial Life Guards.  These regiments make up the planetary defense force.  Saito has an uncanny ability as a sniper and was recruited by Kaelloen during his search for a traitor arbites colonel who had fled to Takoma to hide.

Saito (yes, name inspired from Ghost in the Shell) started with a marksman model from the fantasy empire range with high tech scope added to the rifle, a purity seal, and a guardsman backpack from the "bits box of I don't know where I got these bits from but I like them".

Gun Servitor
    This servitor was gifted to Kaelloen when he assisted in the removal of a rogue techpriest who was close to destroying several of the power plants on the forge world of Haalon.  Kaelloen hasn't bothered to name the servitor and just refers to it by it's type, a MK.III.
This was the simplest to model being just a techmarine servitor with a multimelta from a landspeeder for the gun arm and a bit added for a powerpack for the multimelta.

So that's it for this installment and we'll see what I come up with for next time.


  1. How does Saito carry or much less hold up that ridiculously large sniper rifle? Is must be made of Balsa wood and uses GW rules equipped shells.

    Briareos is my personal favorite over Saito, but that is another story.

    1. Suspensors. Probably more than one too...

    2. Oddly enough that rifle is from the same bit sprue as the body and arms, so they're made to go together at least. I'm going to go with that he doesn't shoot it that way, but instead rests it on something for taking a shot. And yeah, I like Briareos as well, but he's not a sniper/marksman while Saito is.

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