Air Power

So the time has come to show off my air power at present.  Flyers are something I've only got into in the past year with the Stormtalon being my first one.  I've since added a few options and I've got a few others on my wish list.  I definitely want to see about a Fire Raptor and a Caestus Assault Ram at some point.  And of course like every marine player, I'd love a Thunderhawk but that's way way way down the list on things to get.

So first up on the list is my newest flyer Flaming Death, the Avenger fighter, that RTVortil was kind enough to paint up for me.  Fluff wise, I've put this figher in Commodore Gregorie Pelliose's 1154th Fighter Wing, A Flight of the 317th Squadron.  Being an Imperial Navy fighter, I didn't want to do it in the same color scheme as my marines but I wanted something that wouldn't stand out way different either.  What we went with was a WWII American Naval inspired scheme with a blue on top and a gray underneath.
Then we have the Stormtalon Deliwr Marwolaeth (Death Dealer).  The canopy got misplaced on this and once I find a replacement it'll be totally done.  I'm a fan of the skyhammer missile launcher to go with the assault cannon and like the amount of shots that configuration generates for strafing runs.
This is a pair of Horten He-347s from Dust Tactics that I picked up online for a very reasonable price that I'm going to use as stand in Stormtalons.  They have about the same footprint and have a great look to them.  I've named these two Awyr Helwyr (Sky Hunter) and Awyr Marchog (Sky Knight).  One of these just needs a few touchups and some decals added to Imperial it up a bit while the second needs a fair bit more work.  I need to get them both 40K flying bases as well.
Then we come to the Stormraven Awyr Llew (Sky Lion).  I need to get back to work on it at some point as it's only about 80% assembled.  This is a great delivery system to get an Ironclad, a Sternguard squad and a lot of fire power into one pin point strike to overload part of you opponent's force.  This is one of my favorite tactics to use at times.
And last of all is the Drop Pod contingent.  There are three assembled and painted, one primed, one partially assembled, and three still on sprues needing to be put together.  The partial one will probably end up as terrain at some point due to the fact that when I got it the directions were missing and as it was the first one I had assembled, it went together wrong and now the upright pieces between the doors don't fit on.  Of the three painted ones, one of them earned a name for itself as was mentioned here.  This drop pod was named Cadarn which is Welsh for Steadfast which seems appropriate.

So that's my air power as it stands at present.  I've really come to love the Stormtalon and the Avenger is just a sexy beast of a fighter, so I'm looking forward to what other flyers I can work into my growing air force and what capabilities they can bring to the tabletop.


  1. The air force so far is so looking great. I really like that strike fighter. I am a sucker for that paint job too. Was that paint job inspired by to p40 corsair? (I had a model of it when I was younger

    1. Yes, it's definitely inspired by WW2 US naval fighters like the Corsair. Being an Imperial Naval fighter, it seemed to work well.

  2. I do like that Avenger fighter, and the Tyrant's Legion has them right in their list!