Foul Xenos

So Tuesday I got over to the local game store and we got a 2v1 Game in.  It was 3,000 points of the Lions (double force org) versus 3,000 points of Eldar with 1,500 each from RTVortil and the local game shop owner Ni.  Game mission was relic with standard deployment.  They won the roll to go first.
Treehugging Eldar Gathered
The Eldar host
1 Harlequin group with troop master, shadowseer, farseer on jetbike, and Karandras
3 Units of Rangers
2 Units of Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent (one with Asurmen)
2 Wraithlords
3 gun support battery of Shadow Weavers
2 Units of Swooping Hawks
1 Unit of Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent
Eldar Deployed
Lions Assembled
My Force
2 Captains with artificer, storm shields, and relic blades
4 Tactical Squads (10 men) w/ missile launcher, plasmagun, and combi-plasma
1 Sternguard Squad (8 men) in a Drop Pod
1 Stormraven (multimelta and lascannon)
1 Ironclad w/ heavy flamer and meltagun in Stormraven
1 Ironclad w/ heavy flamer and meltagun in Drop Pod
1 Terminator Squad (5 Terminators w/ Thunderhammer/Storm Shields)
Landraider w/ multimelta
1 Terminator Squad (5 Terms, 3 Lightning Claws, 2 TH/SS) in Stormraven
2 Landspeeders w/ multimeltas
1 Dev Squad (5 men, 4 missile launchers)
1 Dev Squad (5 men, 4 lascannons)
Lions Deployed
 Unfortunately when the dice started rolling .... I forgot to keep taking pictures.  Ah well.

Eldar Turn One
They moved about a bit but only one ranger squad advanced to grab the relic.  Shadowseer blew his head off trying to use his psychic power.  They concentrated fire and killed the lascannon dev squad (First Blood) and a couple other marines.

Lions Turn One
Drop pod assault brought in the Ironclad which I positioned to deal with a ranger squad.  Landraider, landspeeders, and 2 tactical squads advanced.  I killed a wraithlord with the landraider and landspeeder shooting.  The Ironclad and Drop Pod killed 8 out of 10 rangers in the one squad while my other shooting concentrated on the rangers with the relic wiping them out.  Missile launcher devastator squad took a hull point off a wave serpent.

Eldar Turn Two
They advanced some more and one unit of swooping hawks showed up.  They moved about some and the harlequin star continued to advance up my right flank table edge.  Shooting took one of my tacticals down to 6 men.  I also lost a landspeeder and a few random models off different squads.  The Ironclad died to the fire dragons and a wave serpent killed the drop pod.  The harlequin group assaulted the 6 man tactical squad and between Karandras, troop master, and regular power weapons they killed all 6 easily.  Consolidation was only 1 inch though.

Lions Turn Two
Stormraven showed up but not the sternguard.  Landraider moved up and disembarked terminators.  Tactical moved up almost onto the relic.  Failed to kill a wave serpent with a multimelta landspeeder from 3 inches away.  I unloaded all I could into the exposed Harlequins killing all but 1 regular harlequin and putting 2 wounds on Karandras.  Much less scary group now.  Wraithknight takes a wound from shooting and then the Terminators charge the Wraithknight doing 2 wounds to it.

Eldar Turn Three
Other hawks show up behind my landraider.  They unload dire avengers on the relic and near the relic.  All but one missile launcher dev dies to shooting.  Hawks throw a haywire grenade to take a hull point off the landraider.  All but 2 in my squad near the relic die to 2 squads of dire avengers shooting.  Stormraven gets vector locked on a very lucky shot (6 to hit, 6 to pen, 5 on the result).  Good shooting by the artillery kill 7 out of 10 guys in a tactical squad.  Harlequins charge in and finish off the 3 tactical marines.  Wraithknight takes another 2 wounds.

Lions Turn Three
Sternguard comes in right in front of the dire avengers with the relic.  I take the dangerous disembark move with the Terminators and Ironclad in the stormraven but get really lucky on the scatters and lose no one.  Ironclad is just in range and uses heavy flamer and melta gun to kill of last of the harlequins, Karandras, and the farseer (farseer at the melta shot for instant death).  Sternguard blew the dire avengers off the relic.  Missile launchers in frag mod plus bolters take the other dire avenger squad down to below half.  Wraithknight goes down to the thunderhammers finally killing a terminator as it goes.  Terminators almost consolidate for line breaker.

This is where we had to call the game due to RTVortil being out of time.  It was a lot of fun even if it ended in a 1VP to 1 VP tie.  They got one for first blood and I got Ni's warlord for one.  I think if it went onward, I could have earned the victory.  I still had 9 terminators and a landraider plus an Ironclad while most of their heavy hitters had been hurt, but we'll never know.

That's it for now and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I get my Imperial Knight ordered along with the Knight Companion book.  144 pages of fluff has me salivating a bit to be honest.

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