A Few Henchmen More

So I've continued to work on that Naval shore party from the light cruiser Faith of the Ancients.  I've about decided on a color scheme for them as well though the way I don't enjoy painting they'll probably spend a while as just primered first.  I'm thinking of white uniforms for them which should help set them apart as naval and not regular imperial guard.  Just white primer, base coat white then a real thin black wash to get a bit of shading in the recesses.  Then brown leather for the boots, belts, and such, followed by a light olive green for the shoulder pads, helmets, and packs.

So we've got 6 more lasgun armsmen up first.  They're missing the gun tips as I've run out of the bit I was using and am awaiting my next order of Kotobukiya MSG bits to arrive. (In case you didn't see the last blog post, I love these bits for adding details.)
Fanning out to secure the area
Then we've got a single grenade launcher armsman.
Just a bit to the left .... FIRE!
And then last of all, we've got a single mortar.  The base got a little full with the sandbag bits, so I intend to put a lasgun armsman with the man on the mortar if they actually ever get on the table.
He just doesn't seem to trust those fuses it seems.
It's been a lot of fun working on a small side project like this, though I think I'm starting to wander into Cheef's territory with these little fluffy units that are going to be extremely marginal at best if they even see a tabletop.  But from a converting and fluff part of the hobby, it's been a great bit of fun.  Still to go are a few more lasguns to get it to a full 2 squads if need be (which means a second senior armsman ... or less senior armsman since he answers to the first I guess .. to run the second squad), and then lastly a heavy bolter and an autocannon done up as field guns

And then I'm considering transports.  I don't want to do normal chimeras as they'll look a bit too much like regular guard then which isn't what I'm going for at all.  So what I'm considering is this.
It's roughly the size of a chimera and is made by Pig Iron Productions.  It's got a nice landing craft naval feel to it which should work perfectly for what I'm doing.  I'm also looking for ideas to turn a model into a naval corpsman so if anyone has some great ideas out there, let me know.  I'd rather avoid just painting a red cross on a normal infantry model if possible.

So that's where the Naval Infantry Shore Party stands at the moment and I'll see you all again in a few.


  1. Ya know, I've always wondered if the kit looked as nice as the pics of the Pig Iron tank. I especially like the turreted version.

    Also, I think I have the IG medic bitz if ya want em.

    1. Definitely interested in the bits and I hope it looks as nice as well. I'll be ordering it this coming Thursday when I get paid again so we'll see.