Eridani Light Horse

Ok, so time for a brief blog break from 40K to show off one of my other forces.  RTVortil, this means you can stop reading now.

This is the 7th Striker Battalion (Nigel's Nightslayers) of the 21st Striker Regiment (Four Horsemen).  The Eridani Light Horse have always been one of my favorite canon organizations in the BattleTech universe.  My thanks to Cheef, Murl, Hive Angel, and Screech for getting me going in BattleTech after I'd been wanting to play the system since back in my college days.

Big thanks go to Murl both for getting me an unseen Wolverine, which is hands down my favorite mech, and for gifting me with a plethora of background fluff which is allowing me to organize my force along the 2025's force org of the Eridani Light Horse.  All the lance weight classes, unit organization, lance call signs, etc are canon, just names and mechs are different due to my preference on mechs and the fact that FASA was horrible at giving generic people names.  The Battalion commander's name was not changed.

For each lance description, I'll be using the following as a guide to explain where I'm at with the unit.
X  = Fully Painted, Based, and Decaled
*  = Fully Painted and Based
-   = Fully Painted, Needs Based
o  = Model Owned

Battalion Command Lance (Nigel's Guards)
X    Major Jameson Nigel, Flashman
*    Ian Branscombe, Victor
-    Blake Holmes, Zeus
o    Emily Haerdesky, Mauler

11th Company (Pelham's Company)
Red Seven Lance
X    Captain Timothy Pelham, Wolverine
-    Madilyn Pritchart, Dervish
*    Paul Malherbe, Quickdraw
*    Douglas Brandei, Valkyrie

Blue Seven Lance
*    Lt. Elizabeth Henke, Wolverine
-    Jeffery Olmsted, Wolverine
-    Shannon Allenby, Panther
*    Eric Donovan, Thorn

Gold Seven Lance
-    Lt. Harold Crane, Catapult
X    Mark Bronson, Archer
-    Andrew Holbrook, Trebuchet
X    Elaine Hathoway, Quickdraw

12th Company (Lightning Company)
Silver Lance
-    Captain Li Hsien, Dragon
-    Andrea Oates, Quickdraw
-    Matthew Tourni, Centurian
-    Elliot Sullivan, Highlander

Black Lance
-    Lt. Vincent McCrory, Griffin
-    Marc Baird, Hollander, Wolverine
-    James Cross, Enforcer
-    Chelsea Dobbs, Centurian
Purple Lance
-    Lt. Lisa Brackhaven, Wolverine
X    Sean Boehlert, Jenner
X    Neil Crowley, Jenner
-    Sheila Banich, Wolverine

27th Company (Wolfhounds)
Green Lance
*    Major Pierre Bouchard, Highlander
*    Andrea Clavell, Awesome
o    Malcolm Forbes, Awesome (both arms somehow missing)
-    Ibrahim Ghosn, Dragon

White Lance
-    Lt. Lloyd Bancroft, Centurian
-    Timothy Leahy, Whitworth
-    Katherine Burke, Enforcer
-    Roger Waterly, Whitworth

Platinum Lance
(Still needs to be aquired)
    Lt. Edmund Dempsey
    Elliot Watkinson
    Terrence Pretloe
    Jessica Hearns

Then we have some support from another part of the 21st Striker Regiment, the 1st Armored Infantry Battalion.

Alpha Company, First Platoon
These microarmor halftracks will end up being 4 stands of mechanized infantry.
        Lt. Hector Torres
  o    Sgt. George Osbourne
  o    Cpl. Allison Blaire
  o    Cpl. Ian O'Cleary
  o    Cpl. Jason Allenby

Alpha Company, Fourth Platoon
      Lt. Vince Tulane
o    Sgt. Patricia Parks, Goblin Medium Tank
o    Cpl. Nathan Holmes, Goblin Medium Tank
o    Cpl. Richard Pressby, Goblin Medium Tank
o    Cpl. Dayvid Webley, Goblin Medium Tank

Tin Can Company, Strike Lance
-    Lt Llewellyn Trent, Ontos
-    Simon Griffith, Ontos
o    Doug Puller, Hetzer
o    Jamie Redmund, Hetzer
o    Collin Westworth, Ontos
o    Linnet Paulus, Ontos

Tin Can Company, Recon Lance
One Saladin seems to have run off on a mission and is currently AWOL.
*    Lt. Owen Rache, Saladin
-    Edward Niven, Saladin
    Amanda Downing
    David Brogues

Boomer Company, Command Lance
-    Captain Greerson Holland, Sturmfeur
-    Lt, Paul Sandoval, LRM Carrier
o    Lt. Manfred VanGeller, LRM Carrier
o    Lt. Trevor Gillespee, LRM Carrier
o    Lt. Victoria Pollack, LRM Carrier
    Lt. Thomas Clavell

And that's where the force stands at the moment.  I've got a bit of painting and a lot of basing still to do on them.  I still need to get another Sturmfeur for the boomer company lance and a couple skulkers for the tin can recon lance.  As far as mechs go, I'm wanting to add some Grasshoppers, maybe another Quickdraw, and then some recon mechs like Wasp, Cicada, Phoenix Hawk, etc to build the last lance and to retire the Enforcers and Whitworths I'm not a huge fan of but they make decent line fillers.

So that's my Eridani Light Horse, hope you all enjoyed.


  1. The Draconis Combine has a combined arms Company., for the Legions of Vega. Everything else I have was folded into Chisolm's raiders for the Fed Suns. That adds up to: an infantry Battalion, a reinforced mech co., and a tank co.

  2. BattleTech does make for a great collector type game, doesn't it?

  3. Yes, but I've ceased CBT purchases, as I don't see any point to buying anymore considering how often we play (which isn't).