Dreadtober Coming To An End

So as Dreadtober comes to an end, I've made a big push whenever I had a bit of time to see about finishing what all I could which includes a few surprises for you all I hope.  I'm super pleased with how the month went over all.
First up I've managed to complete the painting of a total of 7 Dreadnoughts in all.  In addition to the three Black Reach Dreadnoughts, there is the dual twin autocannon Dreadnought and an assault cannon and missile launcher Dreadnought.  Finally there is a Contemptor and my Eddie.
Here's a bit of a better picture of the Eddie.  He's an interesting model and a great piece of GW 40K history.  I'm happy to finally have him painted.
Lastly for the updates I tackled my Chaplain Dreadnought.  While I made good progress on his paint, I don't believe that I'll have him done before Dreadtober ends but I will be pushing through to get him done.  He's got all the base colors in place but still needs wash layers, basing, some touch ups, and some detailing such as purity seals, etc.  Since I focused on painting the last half of the month, the Primaris Dreadnought only made it to the torso being assembled.  I'm going to see about getting him finished being assembled in November.

So all told, I will finish Dreadtober with 7 Dreadnoughts completely painted and one soon to be finished.  This will put my Dreadnoughts at 13 Dreadnoughts fully painted and based, 1 Dreadnought partially painted and 11 unpainted Dreadnoughts (technically 12 counting the partially assembled one).  For the first time, over half my Dreadnoughts are painted.  I might be having my own personal Dreadcember event to get some more completed as it's been nice to make some serious progress.
Don't forget to check out Cheef's and Neverness' progress on their Dreadtober projects as well.  Being not as talented painter using a much simpler paint scheme I might have painted more Dreadnoughts but theirs are both quite better looking than mine.

So that's all for now and I'll see you all next time.


  1. Ah, thanks for the praise man, much appreciated. But don't sell yourself short: you painted more Dreadnoughts in one month than I have the whole time I have been in this hobby!

  2. Agreed, having only managed 1/7th of your progress (excluding the chaplain dread altogether), you sure you still want me to pain that deimos? I move at a snail's pace...