Dreadtober Part 3

Alright, this has been good for me.  This is the most painting on 40K that I have done in a while and it feels good to make some progress.  Dreadtober might be one of my favorite holiday now (need to find a space marine one now to motivate through some of that backlog though LOL).
First up are the two Black Reach Dreadnoughts.  I've a few small details to finish on them such as the purity seals on the Multi-meltas and some other touch ups, but they're basically done at this point.  I'm happy with how they are coming out and this puts my first challenge hurdle of Dreadtober almost behind me.
So having almost completed two Dreads paint jobs and still having plenty of days left, I of course pulled two more Dreadnoughts up to the table.  For some reason I've found working on them in pairs helps me make progress.  This time it's a Dreadnought with a Missle Launcher and Assault Cannon and a Dreadnought with Dual Twin Autocannons (or as fellow BattleTech fans refer to them Rifleman Dreads).  I've got the base Tarnished Steel on them, the Intense Blue portions, and the Bronze highlights.

And then we have progress on the Eddie.  I need to get some appropriate gray paints to work on the base for him, but he's now received his Intense Blue portions and Bronze highlights as well.  He's an interesting fellow for sure since in size he's more like a Centurion than a Dreadnought, but he makes for a nice piece of Chapter history.

So that's where we stand for now.  I'll be aiming for another update later in the week.  Don't forget to visit Neverness and Cheef as they work on their Dreadtober projects as well.  Thanks for visiting and I'll see you all next time!

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  1. Keep on painting mate! It is so awesome to see the Lions getting some new paint. I look forward to seeing themnin person.