Lands to Raid

So, this blog post is for the heavy support transports we all love, Landraiders.
The fleet assembled
So yeah .... I've got a few landraiders.  They make great visuals on the tabletop, and the different variants allow for very different play styles and tactics.
So there are three landraider crusaders, the one in the front the only one that's painted to the Lions' color scheme.
Standard Pattern
Only two of the standard landraiders but I'm starting to enjoy this pattern more and more as the twinlinked lascannons on the durability of the landraider hull really can be a game changer.
Burn it, burn it all!
My pair of landraider redeemers which use to be my favorite version back in the previous marine codex.  I frequently played a list with Vulkan in it and he gave the redeemer a big boost by twin linking that meltagun and flame cannon sponsons.  These days I rarely field this variant.
Bringing all firepower to bear
And then finally there are my two Terminus Ultras.  I've not got to field either of them yet, but I really want to one of these days.  Five lascannons with three of them twin-linked just has to be devastating to hit with.

And that's my collection so far.  The reason I say so far is that I really want to get an Achilles.  An Ares with that Vindicator cannon could also be fun to have.  But having watched a number of battle reports on them now, the Achilles with a techmarine inside is about as close to invulnerable as a landraider can get.  It's immune to the extra D6 pen from melta, immune to lance, can take a dozer blade to help not immobilize on terrain since it lacks a front assault hatch, ...   Then look at it's firepower.  It has a thunderfire cannon in the front, twin-linked multimelta sponsons, and can add the multimelta pintle as well.  Yeah, one of these at least is on the want list.

So that's where I am at with the landraiders and we'll see what I come up with for my next post.

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