I've got a banner

So the other day Neverness and I were swapping a few messages about my collection and upcoming posts to be done, and I mentioned that I had a Chapter Banner.  Not just a small one on a miniature, but a real actual life size Chapter Banner.  When I looked into this several years ago, I thought it would be a cool conversation piece as well as an interesting collectable to help bring my marine collection together.

Yes, raise the standard high

The banner was done by Jawaballs of BoLS fame.  He's a creator of a number of banners for various people, stores, and such via his website.  When I discussed the design I had in mind for it, there was a Crimson Fist banner in the 5th edition marine codex that formed the basis of the banner.  The central fist was replaced with a lion's head and then of course the text replaced with a "Lions of Harlech" on a banner strip.  Then a bit of other tweaking such as the honors at the bottom and the star field.  All in all, I'm very pleased with the final product I received.

Now for the really cool part.  For a little bit more, Jawaballs also did a small matching banner that I can use for my army.  I've yet to get a standard bearer done up that I liked enough to carry it, but it's ready for when I do.

It's Mini Banner Me

So, that's my Chapter Banner which in addition to giving me +1 Attack or to Combat resolution, also gives a +3 to Leadership to friendly units due to the size and intimidation factor.


  1. That is pretty cool! What that first pic taken in a lab or a classroom or someplace like that?

  2. I think it's a room used for art classes. That's the pic that Jawaballs sent me of the finished product before it shipped to me.

  3. Man, you got everything!!!

    lol, very cool though!

  4. He's also got a white flag you can borrow next you play him! ;)