The Big Boys

So I thought it was time to show off my big boys which are in various degrees of completion.

First up is the Kingfisher which is a Warhound Titan under the command of Princeps Kristoff Harrington from the Legio Praetor.
I'm hunting you down ....
Second up is the quartet of Super Heavy Tanks from the 1st Cymric Heavy Guards Regiment under the command of General Albrecht Rabenstein.  There are 2 Baneblades, 1 Shadowsword, and 1 Stormlord.  All of these are how I got them off eBay and the total spent on them is just under $250 so I'm quite pleased with the result from what was spent on them.  All but one of them I found posted in the wrong part of eBay ( I mean yeah it's a model kit but would you look for them in the plastic model section and not under games?).  These are all how I got them so I probably need to one day see about getting the primed Baneblade and the Stormlord to match the other two.
slow rolling thunder is coming

And last of all is the one that I picked up at this past Games Day at the Forge World booth but haven't worked on yet.  It's an imposing pile of resin and it can be a bit daunting.  So I give you the Spartan also know as the Land Raider On Steroids.
So, that's my heavier than needed for regular 40K collection so far.  I'd like to add a few other pieces in the future (I'm looking at you Cestus and you Reaver Titan) but probably won't be in the near or foreseeable future anyway.

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  1. That's pretty sweet! Good to know if we ever REALLY decide to do an apocalypse game (or Escalation) that you can be ready for it! LOL