10th Company

So since we've already covered the 1st Company which is the veteran past of the Chapter, I thought that this week I'd cover the 10th Company which is the future of the Chapter.  With Cheef's love of scout marines, I figure this was the post he's been looking forward to.

10th Company assembled

10th Company, Scout Company
Captain Edric Corbray, Master of Recruits
    24 Scout Squads

Even my scouts got a banner

The marine codexes never state how many squads are in a 10th Company, and I'm imaging that it'd be more than the normal ten in order to keep plenty of recruits in the pipeline to replenish losses as well as fulfill the roles that scouts play.  Again, what's listed for my fluff is 24 squads but I currently have just a bit over 9 full squads.  4 of those are Sniper Rifle equipped with the rest a mix of bolts, bolt pistols, and a few heavy weapons.  I've got 4 of the squads fully painted with the rest needing painted or repainted as the case may be.

So the future for this group includes not only some more squads at some point but also some Landspeeder Storms and some Scout Bikes but neither of those are on the near horizon.


  1. Doesn't matter how many snipers you have, cause if they're like my ill-fated Aurora Chapter 10th company army, they're NEVER EVER going to hit anything...


  2. That's why I say massed firepower. With 60 sniper rifles, someone HAS to hit. It's just mathematically impossible to miss with all 60.

  3. LOL, I dunno, if my dice are involved there is a way!