Chapter Beliefs and Traditions

Ok, this is another part of the chapter fluff that I had a lot of fun coming up with.  This part is largely inspired by Dan Abnett's Brothers of the Snake which is hands down one of my top three Black Library novels of all time.  (For those curious, Mechanicum by Graham McNeill and Deathwatch by Steve Parker are the other two in my top three.  Abnett's Know No Fear also gets an honorable mention, because who doesn't want to see Baneblades raining down on the snooty Ultramarines?)  There is also some inspiration by the Doom Eagles chapter which I've always enjoyed the fluff of, but just never liked their color scheme (plus I'd go nuts playing a chapter with an already written fluff but that's just one of my idiosyncrasies).

Chapter Beliefs and Traditions
Heated Omens
    With the Cymru system being such a cold, ice covered landscape, it is believed by the chapter that it is a bad omen for a newly inducted battle brother's first deployment to be on a desert or some other hot climate, dooming the marine to an ill fated life of service and some fell end in his future.

The Long Cold Night
    On the eve of anniversary of their Chapter's reconnection with the Imperium, the oldest veteran and the youngest initiate stand watch together out upon the Lyr Glacier from the setting sun until the following sunrise in remembrance of their long tenure apart from the Emperor's guidance and light.

 Snow Raven's Lament
    One of the native species of the ice moon Braelich is the Snow Raven.  These reclusive and rare animals are rarely seen and are viewed as omens and harbringers of great wisdom and knowledge.  When one is found dead, it is seen as a great loss and leads to a week of fasting and introspective studies.

The Hunt
    When an intiate is deemed ready to ascend to the rank of battle brother, he is sent out upon the Lyr Glacier and the frozen wilds beyond to hunt one of the ice lions of Cymru.  If he survives a month out upon the ice, he is recieved back among his brothers as one of them when he returns with his kill.  If it takes the intiate less than a week, he is seen as truely marked for greatness.

The Order of Harlech's Grellon
    This is a special order within the Chapter consisting of a dozen veterans not within the normal command rank who act as both guardians for the Chapter Master and special advisors for him.  These veterans are picked by an assembly of the chapter's company commanders, the Chapter Master, and other select leaders of the chapter.  Only those who've shown the highest level of honor in their service, words, and deeds will be considered for admission to the Grellon.

The Shrine of Lady de Winter
    A small shrine honoring a local Cymru saint, Saint Kath'rine Rhias who led the faithful of the system through several lean years of failed hydroponic crops, exists on a small moon orbiting Cymru II.  Those slated to lead a command out on a mission for the Chapter spend an evening alone in the shrine for the guidance and blessings of the Emperor before setting out.  A small number of priests sworn to silence tend and maintain the shrine.

The Circle of Honor
    This is a special tournament held every five years in which each chapter company sends it's champion to represent it.  The winning champion is given the chapter banner Lion's Honor to safekeep until the next tournament as well as being granted the title "Defender of Honor".  2nd Company's Champion Petyr Harisal has won this event the past three times it has been held and is the current Defender of Honor.

Ice Burial
    When the remains of a fallen battle brother are returned to Cymru, they are cremated and the urn is buried into the Lyr Glacier for an eternal standing of watch over the chapter.  If a battle brother's remains are not able to be recovered, an empty urn is buried instead so that all those who have served will take their place of honor.

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