More SAGA Vikings And A Bit More BattleTech

So I got a box of plastic multipart vikings from Hammer of the Gods The Dark Ages line.  It's a nice plastic kit from Wargames Factory that will make 32 figures with plenty of options between spears, axes, swords, bows, and shields.  There are only 4 body options in the box, but plenty of head and arm choices that you can still easily avoid models looking repetitious.
The first order of business was to assemble three archers to finish off the 12 man unit of bondi archers.  This gives me a full point of missile troops for my Vikings Warband.
Next up was 8 more warriors for the fourth and last point of my starter warband.  The first unit is mainly spears with a couple axes and swords mixed in.  I did this unit as half axes and half swords.  I'll have my Warlord, a unit of Hirthguard, 2 units of warriors, and the unit of bondi archers.  Should give me plenty of bodies and a good mix of troops for learning the game with.  Painting still continues plus I need to get the newly assembled models primed.
The other thing I'm excited about is that a while back I worked out a deal with a fellow out of the Vancouver area to get some BattleTech models painted.  I've never been able to paint white models, much less attempt white models with a camo aspect to it.  In the original CamoSpecs book for BattleTech there is a 20th Arcturan Guard mech in a snow camo scheme that I've always loved so that's what he's doing for me.
This is the command lance of the 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, 20th Arcturan Guard.  He's currently working on the Alpha Lance and I've got the other two lances to ship to him in the near future.  This will make a nice change of pace unit from my Eridani Light Horse, though with the Lyran mindset, I think it still qualifies as a scout battalion.

Command Lance
Major Victor Waering, Company CO, Battlemaster
Captain Oliver Maulthier, Company XO, Atlas
Lt. Petra Collier, Zeus
Lt. Richard Fischer, Thug

Alpha Lance
Lt. Gregory Mannstein, Fafnir
Emily Sydon, Novacat
Wilhelm Rache, Fafnir
Kevin Scopes, Mauler

Beta Lance
Lt. Alois Hennessy, Battlemaster
Charles Korolev, Stalker
Katherine Baniche, Stalker
Eddard Wolcott, Atlas

Charlie Lance
Lt. Heather Reed, Orion
Todd Lloyd, Zeus
Brian Showforth, Blackjack
Elliot Borodin, Hunchback

That's all for now and next week I'm hoping to post up progress on how the painting is coming on the Vikings.  I also need to show the US Army troops that I've picked up for Bolt Action as well.  See you all next time.


  1. Good luck with Saga. That game sure seems to be gaining in popularity, and it's nice to see that it's not too hard to get decent proxy models.
    You're gonna need lots of chainmail paint.

    1. So far for the chain mail I'm using Vallejo blackened steel and tarnished steel and a bit of black wash over it. It's coming out ok for my paint skills.

    2. I love Vellejo paints. I'm just getting the hang of the wet paint pallet, trying to up my skill level an' whatnot. Right now I'm painting an army for Spartan Games Firestorm: Planetfall, so it's also my first brush (get it? :P) with 10mm models.

      Sheesh they're tiny!

      Look forward to seeing more 'bout Saga. I gotta get my hands on the ruleset...

    3. It's one of the shorter rulesets that I've seen. They do a nice job of doing a quick common sense overview of each block of rules as well. Sort of a "This is a quick summary of what you just read/how it works." which I've found that I like cause it shows you how they intended you to interpret that bit of the rules.

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  3. Sounds like you need some Manticores (a.k.a.: the typical Lyran 'recon' tank).

    1. Maybe, but for now just doing the one company.