SAGA Vikings Progress and Some BattleTech

So I've started getting some paint on my Viking war band the last couple days.  I've also been rereading through the rules over and over while watching some of the battle reports out there.  The more I look over it, the more and more I like this system.  No one upmanship due to list building, just seeing who has the best tactical instincts.  I got one model mostly finished today to try out colors, though he still needs basing and a bit of touch ups.  Apologies about the blur on one end of all the photos, my phone's camera lens has acquired a scuff.  Fortunately I'm only a bit over a month away from my next upgrade.
I'm using Vallejo blackened steel and tarnished steel for the metal bits, and then will be using bronze to make the warlord and some other leaders stand out a bit.  Other colors being used are flat yellow, medium fleshtone, clotted red, and flat red.  GW gryphonne sepia is the wash I'm using over the hair and flesh and then GW badab black over the metals.  The baal red and devlan mud washes will also get a bit of use.  I'm not happy with how dark the Vallejo intense blue is and think I need to find a different shade.  I'll keep working on these fellows a color at a time and will keep posting on their progress.  I'm satisfied with how it's starting to progress, but it's starting to come together.  I've also found some small wooden barrels that I've started to use for terrain for SAGA.
The other project I've made a small bit of progress on is in BattleTech.  Needing a break from painting SLDF green on the Eridani Light Horse, I've started assembling a force of Wolf's Dragoons, Black Widow Company to be precise.  I've got a Robotech Warhammer to assemble for Natasha Kerensky's ride that will be added to the force as well.  It isn't precisely the canon force listed in the FASA books, but it'll work for my interpretation of them.
That's all I've got going for now, work is keeping me a bit busy plus I'm still slowly unpacking stuff from the recent move.  Suggestions and advice are as welcome as always and I'll see you all next time.

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