So These Haven't Been Touched In A While

So way back here, I had started on working with some Primaris Marines. I wasn't going to put them in the actual Lions of Harlech chapter but rather have them go into a spin off successor chapter that is called the Void Lions. The Void Lions are a crusader chapter that are currently returning occasionally to the Cymric Sector to recruit from systems near Cymru.
So the weapons got painted black and then brushed over with Oily Steel. Trim was done with Old Gold while the shoulder pauldrons are in Gunmetal Blue. A Woodgrain Brown for the pouches and purity seal ribbons while Flat Red for the Seals of the Purity Seals and a couple other trim pieces and the power sword. Then a bit of basing and that was it. After sitting in progress for just over 5 years, it's nice to get these off the table and done. I'm trying to make a big push to get my backlog cleared out so I can start pulling things out to deal with like the other Dreads still needing paint and various other Lions of Harlech.
So that's it for now though there should be a Lions of Harlech versus Black Legion versus Tau that was a fun time. Second time playing with Joel this edition and first time with Cheef since early 8th Edition so I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'll see you all next time!

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  1. All you need is an Lt. and you'll have a nice little combat patrol allied contingent.