Progress on the Flock

So I've got some progress in on painting the Flock of Crows.  Using the first mech as a guide, I've finished the first Company.  It's a pretty simple scheme and it's definitely stands out.  I still haven't figured out how I'm going to base them, so suggestions and ideas are welcome.
Adding a bit to the fluff of this mercenary group, I've done some work into their tactics and strategies.  Using the First Company with it's light and medium mechs to scout and pursue, and then eventually lure enemy units into being ambushed by the Second Company's heavy and assault mechs.  For the Third Company, I'm leaning toward an mechanized infantry platoon (mainly the unit's security force), a jump infantry platoon (to assist with scouting), an armored lance (to assist with ambushes or as a mobile reaction force), and then the command lance I'm leaning toward something odd like the quartet of Wasp LAMs I never finished for the Eridani Light Horse.  That's the kind of lance that gives a lot of unsuspected versatility for a unit like the Flock of Crows.
    Command Lance
        Tai-i Taoka Nomuri, Assassin
        Analiese Singh, Firestarter
        Genji Yoshinaka, Ostroc
        Li Tomanaga, Thorn
    Alpha Lance
        Chu-i Hideshi Matsudaira, Wolverine
        Obai Nishiyama, Panther
        Miko Aoyama, Javelin
        Kasumi Fushida, Dervish
    Beta Lance
        Chu-i Tomo Daikichi, Shadowhawk
        Narita Meiji, Wasp
        Iruma Hachiojo, Wasp
        Maeda Nguyen, Stinger
    Charlie Lance
        Chu-i Kono Matsuda, Cicada
        Ororo Akasaki, Jenner
        Sato Ugaki, Hermes
        Chang Iriarte, Jenner

So that's where we stand with the Flock of Crows.  Still have 5 more lances primed that need painting and then need to get all the items for the last company as well.  If any of you see something that might be interesting to work into it, I'm open to suggestions, just comment below.  Also, feel free to suggest ideas for basing as well.  That one really has me stymied at the moment.  I'm leaning toward just basic green flock at the moment, but seems a bit dull against the simple color scheme of the mechs.  When I get it all done, I might have to see if I can borrow Cheef's cats' light box and get a really proper picture of them all.

Well, that's all for now and I'll see you all later.

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  1. Good luck keeping the kitties out of that!

    One question though, shouldn't it be a 'Murder of Crows'?