Mechs, Tanks, and Marines

So progress has continued on the Caseltown Militia.  This unit has moved along quickly and I think they're coming out pretty well.
The one Battalion commander and the 3rd lance of mechs are almost done, just need to get them based to finish them off.
The large vehicles, the Behemoths, Alacorns, Shreks, and Marksmans will not be going onto bases.  So little would be visible that it just seems to not be worth it.  Thus these vehicles are all complete now.
The two Pegasus hover tanks just need based.  The Hetzers and Pikes I'm going to put bases together and get them complete before adding the vehicles to them.  So all in all, this has come along quite well I think.  I still have a lot of GHQ halftracks to do, a pair of Demolishers, plus all the basing mentioned above.  As a bit of a reward to myself for doing well making progress, I put together most of the Primaris marines from the new 40K starter box.
First up was the Hellblaster squad.  I really like the looks of the new plasma guns and think this will be a fun unit to have on the table top.
Next up was all the Intercessors and Sgts that go with them.  Again, I like the aesthetics of the new marines and it's a nice group of models.
Last up I got the first of the Interceptors.  I like the change in the jump pack for these guys but not totally sold on the guns.  Sort of on the fence on how these guys look.  So I still have the Captain model, the Ancient, and the other 2 Interceptors to go.  All in all I'm good with the new marines and as soon as I get some more of the Caseltown cleared off the desk, I want to start working on roughing out my ideas for how I'll be using the Primaris marines.

So that's all for now, thanks for stopping by and I'll see you all next time.

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