Finally First Bolt Action Game

So I finally got a game of Bolt Action in.  This past Friday I managed to get up to Johnson City for a game.  My British Airborne took on Cheef's Quar who are impersonating Welshmen.  His Battle Report can be found here.

I took 2nd Battalion, C Company, 11th Platoon of the British Airborne with some attachments.  That meant 2nd Lt Vincent Marlowe with two runners all three with Sten Guns, A Section with Sgt Oliver Crowe and nine men armed with Enfield rifles and a Bren Gun, B Section with Sgt Andrew Jamieson and nine men armed the same as A Section, C Section with Sgt Paul Halstead with four men all with Sten Guns and Anti-Tank Grenades, 1st Lt. Willard Stowe, Forward Observation Officer, Royal Artillery, BEF with 2 assistants, all three with Sten Guns, and then a Recce Jeep with 2 Vickers Medium Machine Guns.

Paratroopers being veterans is definitely a plus.  I only failed one leadership test and had no problems keeping pin markers from getting too bad.  My opponent on the other hand with his inexperienced militia troops had a squad spend pretty much the entire game stuck unresponsive with 3 pin markers on them (caused by his own artillery no less).

Remembering that fortune favors the bold, I tried to go aggressively at him the entire game and had good luck with those tactics.  It also helped that Cheef not only took my artillery strike but his own as well on the same turn.  Assaulting his tank with the anti-tank grenades had WAY better luck than Bob had with his Bazooka team.  In the end I had one squad shot up majorly, a few minor casualties spread around and then my jeep was blown up by the tank.  I managed to finish off 5 of Cheef's 7 units leaving only the lone artillery spotter and the pinned squad left at the end of the game.

I definitely like how Bolt Action plays and am looking forward to more games in the future.  I spent some time yesterday evening and today working on some supply dump scatter terrain to use.  I'm pretty happy with how they came out.  I've got a bunch of fuel drums coming to keep expanding that supply dump theme.  Also coming up is some wheat field terrain that is easy to make that I found on a YouTube tutorial, just have to buy the mat needed to make it my next day at work.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you later all.

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  1. Great terrain, mate, and I'm interested that you had good luck with the A/T grenades: the odds always seem just so stacked against success with them!