Getting Ready for Bolt Action

So it's going to be a bit before any of my paras are ready for the tabletop.  but I still want to see about some small practice games to get use to the rules and game system play style.  So even though they'll be a bit over sized at 28mm heroic instead of 28mm, I've raided my 40K Imperial Guard 4th Naval Infantry Regiment.  This gives me a 500 point list (494 points actually) of counts as British Paras.  This will be part of 2nd Battalion's 11th Platoon under 2nd Lt. Vincent Marlowe with A and B Sections and attached support.

2nd Lt. Vincent Marlowe with two aides/runners, all with Sten SMGs
A Section under Sgt Oliver Crowe with SMG, section includes 8 Enfield rifles and Bren LMG with assistant
B Section under Sgt Andrew Jamieson with SMG, section has  4 SMGs, 2 Rifles, and Anti-tank grenades
Vickers Medium Machine Gun with 3 crewmen
PIAT Team of gunner and loader

Artillery Observer with two aides, all three with Sten SMGs
This gives me a nice small flexible force for some test games while I get my paras all put together and tabletop ready.  If there are any Bolt Action British Para veterans out there with some advice, please post up.

 That's all for now and thanks for reading.


  1. lol, looks like my first demo game...

  2. Oh, I just LOVE the look of this. What a genius idea! 40K proxying for Bolt Action!

    I might just have to try this when I get to wanting a one-player Blue-on-Blue practice game (I live in the arse-end of nowhere)...