A Fairly Productive Week

So I had a couple really productive nights painting on my Battletech this week.  All the base colored models from the last two posts got secondary color and their wash layer this week.  The first batch is the 12 models that are from the new Robotech line.  This is 4 Warhammers, 4 Riflemen, 2 Archers, and 2 Longbows in game terms.
Then there is the batch of doubles.  I ended up doing two of each of these this go around.  This includes Awesomes, Assassins, Cicadas,  Panthers, and Commandos.
Next up is a mix of mechs and a few vehicles. 
The mechs are a Dragon, Dervish, Flashman, Urbanmech, Thorn, Locust (need the little pods that go on it), Javelin, and a Shadowhawk with the main gun a replacement bit.  Then there are a pair of Demolishers and a Morningstar Command Vehicle.
Up to come still are another each of Awesome and Panther, a pair of Stingers, and then a Griffin which is still enroute.  Then there are a trio of vehicles of unknown origin which will be getting radar dishes added to turn them into communication vehicles.  Once the Griffin arrives I'll only be missing 6 Aerospace Fighters to have the entire TOE of the Eridani Light Horse's 21st Striker Regiment complete.  Still need to paint what I mentioned, a dozen or more aerospace fighters plus the missing ones, and then base a metric crap ton of battlemechs.  It's a long way from a finished project but at least the end of it is visible which is pretty cool.
I'll be participating in a mega game of X-Wing tomorrow evening, so I'll try and get a write up in on it on Saturday or Sunday evening.  Also I'm looking for some TOE type stuff on WW2 British Airborne.  I'd like to know how they named the companies, battalions, etc as well as how many squads in a company and so forth to use organizing my Bolt Action British paras which are starting to be more than a pipedream and becoming a slow reality.  Please leave any comments with links if you know a good site to find this stuff out.  I've been able to find snippets but no good one organization chart.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next time.

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